10th July

Jane kindly offered to pick Bella up on Saturday morning to save me driving her down, ‘What about parking?’ she asked, knowing we now live next to a building site, ‘You will be okay on a Saturday’, I glibly replied. Famous last words, Saturday morning I was woken at 7.30 am by a voice outside asking if anyone knew who the silver Landrover belonged to as it was parked across the site gates!

‘Dave you need to move your car’!

So began the first day of our holiday!

By the time I got back from doing the ponies the Tarmac lorries were ‘running’ in and out regularly and I could not find anywhere close to park. Jane arrived and we tried to fit her in with 6″ of car encroaching on the gates but the testy lorry driver was having none of it!  Paul (owner of Scruffy) kindly let her park in his drive but insisted on seeing her out, with helpful comments like, ‘Come on ladies, are you pulling out or not, I didn’t realise you were ‘aving a cup of tea first!’  Whilst standing in the middle of the road holding up all the traffic for half a mile through the village! Oh dear, but at least Bella and Jane were away out of it towards their patch of paradise.

Wonder how Scruffy will cope without his girlfriend for a week?

Meanwhile all has gone a bit upmarket at our holiday cottage with the installation of a Hot Tub along with a long list of dos and donts!  I am told I am being ‘churlish’ but it does seem to be at a cost of the cottage becoming less dog friendly.

Jane was wondering how Bella would cope as they had guests coming for dinner on Sunday, as you can see by the pics she found it really stressful, not!

Sitting on the ladies laps!

Doing the dishwasher pre-wash cycle!

Crashed out at the end of a busy day, this holiday lark is hard work, you know!


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2 thoughts on “10th July

  1. Well I never, can I go there too. ????????????????
    Bella is having a much better time than I am here at home
    with “she who must be obeyed”. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Duke Churchman

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