10th October

Bella has found her forever sofa!

Yet again we have experienced how quickly things can change! It only takes a phone call.

I walked in to a message this afternoon asking if Bella was still available!

Josie and George with Bella

It was a lady inquiring for her parents who had lost their Staffie x a week ago and were looking for something to fill the void,they were elderly but active, just over the other side of the hill from us in Merrow.

Later in the afternoon we took Bella to meet George and Josie , their house and garden reminded me of Jane’s where Bella stayed whilst we were on holiday, the garden is really lovely, with access from the house, perfect for Bella.


George wanted us to leave her there straight away but we insisted on taking her back so Sam could say goodbye but we took her back again later that night.

Update this morning: She spent the rest of the evening on the sofa and then retired to bed with them. She has been up and out, eaten her breakfast and is now back on the bed with George!

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3 thoughts on “10th October

  1. We are so pleased this special little lady has found a loving home. We just know she will make the perfect the perfect companion for Josie & George. XX

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