11th July

I brought my camera but not the attachment to transfer the pics onto my laptop, so some photos from past years.

Lexus loved it here. Here he is watching the sunset.

In the garden with me.

After Jane and Bella left on Saturday morning the chaos continued for us with two phone calls from people wanting help or for us to take in their dog.

The first was a girl from our village who we have spoken to before. She has taken on her sister’s Stafford, it is uncertain how long for, she has no confidence in the breed and the dog is reactive and she is terrified of walking her! We dispatched Sam as he is studying dog behaviour, to assess the situation and give her some tips, apparently she is a very small Staff and he was able to help, whether she really wants us to re-home the dog is hard to tell at this stage..

The next was a lady also local, whose son with learning difficulties had been given a dog to look after by a friend, they were now unable to contact the friend and unable to look after or keep the dog, due to the husband’s allergies. She had driven to Battersea, Dogs Trust, RSPCA with no one able to help. I left it that she rings me again next week when we are back if she cannot find anything else in the meantime.

Playing with Jesse puppy!

Paddling in the sea!

Yet another email since we have been here for a 10 year old, so it looks like we shall be busy again once we are home.

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