13th November

Sometimes everything just comes together and all we have to do is be there.

I got in on Saturday evening to a message left in the morning asking for help for a 14 year old Stafford female after her family had been made homeless.

Rosy had been with her family since she was a pup, they rented their accommodation and the Landlord decided to sell and served notice on them.

They were provided with temporary accommodation but pets were not allowed.

Dave now works for an Estate Agents and this is quite a common occurrence when a landlord decides to sell and with many landlords no longer allowing pets.

Rosy had been looked after temporarily by a friend but this could no longer continue.

I contacted a colleague and we decided Rosy needed to go straight into a home, if possible, rather than spend any time in rescue and certainly no kennels.

I had taken a call from a lady earlier in the week who had recently lost a dog and was looking for an older dog, I had rung her back but had not yet managed to speak to her.

I left a message.

Rachel had been to see a dog with my friend Nikki at Epsom Canine Rescue that day and had decided it was not the right dog for her, but it meant she had been approved by Nikki, so I knew she was a good home.

When she rang back she listened to Rosy’s description and without hesitating said she would take her, even though she knew it would not be too long before she went through the heart ache of losing her which she had only recently experienced with her own dog.

Rachel with Rosy

So we met up on Sunday lunchtime in a bitterly cold Dorking with many tears shed, little Rosy is now enjoying plenty of tlc with Rachel and her husband, a perfect home where she will be very much loved.


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3 thoughts on “13th November

  1. Such a heartwarming story. What wonderful folk they are to give the sweet old lady a loving home. ❤ Wishing Nikki and her husband much happiness with Rosy. Xx

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