14th August

Background story to August calendar photo: Skye and Poppy

Skye was originally Dolly and was adopted at 6 months old by Shirley and family, but before they had Skye they had Trina.

Trina came from south London, her owner drove her down. She was a lovely girl. While she was fostered with us I used to walk her up to the bus stop each morning to see Sam off on the school bus and Trina would try to get on the bus, earning her the nick name, ‘Bus dog.’

Trina supporting us at PAH 2009

Shirley and family adopted Trina aged 6 just before Christmas in 2007 and they enjoyed several happy years together before Trina became ill and they sadly lost her.

Ever on the look out for a good home I think I kept suggesting various dogs to Shirley and was a bit dismayed when she told me they had adopted two kittens!

It was the sister of Dolly’s owner who contacted us first, her sister was on her own with a young child and was not coping with the puppy as well, the inference was that the child was not safe with ‘one of those sort of dogs!’

Dave came with me when we went to pick her up. Dolly seemed very sweet and was not too big for 6 months. The girl had a new man she seemed preoccupied with, while we stood waiting the little lad toddled in seemingly very interested to have two strangers in his house, he climbed up onto the sofa and plonked himself down looking at us then Dolly came in jumped onto the sofa and sat down next to him as quiet and gentle as anything! He gestured to the puppy, then looked back at us and said,’Doggy.’

Then Mum returned, the paperwork was signed and Dave and  I walked away down the path with Dolly and the screams and sobs of the little lad behind us as we took away his best friend.

I have rarely seen such a young puppy be so calm and gentle around a young child and it was clear they loved each other.

It was one of the worst moments in the ten years I have been running the rescue.

Dolly reminded me of Trina and I reckoned a puppy would settle with kittens so I made that call and a week later on 17th Feb 2010  Dolly joined Shirley and family and the kittens and the success is evident in the photo.

Thank you to Shirley and family for giving two of our dogs a lovely home.


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