19th July

Apologies for overlooking our June and cover Calendar stars, Saffy and Cailyn, ‘Best Friends!’

Here they are on a walk yesterday evening, Saffy sat down to catch her breath and Cailyn walked over and sat with her whilst she rested. Still best friends!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Saffy or Sapphire as she was, came to us on 14th April 2010 aged 6 years.

She had been homed though Dogs In Need Rescue at approx one year old to a girl who worked with horses who also had a Collie from DIN, sadly she lost her job and with it her accommodation and had to find new homes for both her dogs after owning them for five years.

She loved the car, was used to horses and ball obsessed so she settled straight in with us, coming with me to the ponies each day and playing with her ball while I poo picked, and at home she was very quiet, in fact she was one of the easiest dogs we have ever had.

She was a big girl and a bit of a tank with ‘prick’ ears and probably due to her age she just stuck.Other dogs came and went but Saffy just got overlooked, we even thought we had found her a home on a Scottish island at one point, but it came to nothing.

Then she developed a mast cell tumour and we launched ‘Saffy’s Appeal’ to raise money for an operation to remove it.  We had a terrific response and covered the cost of the op, we hoped the extra publicity would bring along a home, but still nothing.

Fundraising at PAH. not entirely at ease!

Wound following her op to remove mast cell tumour

She remained in rescue with us, much of the time with Jade who was also a long stayer, for two years running we had to find them somewhere to stay whilst we were away on our annual holiday.

Then a recently married couple came along looking for a dog to adopt, they said they would like to offer a home to a dog that really needed it and had been waiting for a long time, only the second time in all my years of running the rescue that someone has said that!


Saffy with Adam, Jude and Caitlyn at this year’s Guildford SBT Rescue show

So on 1st December 2012 after two and a half years in rescue Saffy was adopted by Adam and Jude.

It took a time of adjustment for her to settle going on walks on a lead, she followed them through two house moves and the arrival of Caitlyn, her ‘Best Friend.’



There were highs, winning a rosette at the local dog show, and lows when she had to have another tumour removed, she was not great with meeting strange dogs but okay after introductions and she now lives happily with a male Labrador.

Saffy is now 13 and has been with Adam and Jude for over four and a half years. She is slowing a bit but still has a zest for life. This has really been her year, on the cover of our 10th anniversary Calendar and Best Guildford Stafford and Show Champion at our dog show in May which then got into the Surrey Advertiser!

She certainly is our dog of the year, a true Guildford Stafford celebrity!

Thank you Adam and Jude for giving her a second chance and a wonderful home.




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