21st October

This evening Jude, Adam and Caitlyn came down to the stables to tell me the very sad news that dear Saffy passed away this morning.

Saffy was 14 and remained lively to the end despite a number of health issues.

She was with us in rescue for two and a half years before Jude and Adam adopted her, giving her five wonderful years.

She was on the cover of this year’s calendar and champion of our show.

A very special Guildford Stafford.

Jude writes, ‘

It is with great sadness that I need to let you know that Saffy passed away this morning.  As you know she had started to slow up a bit recently but was full of life and energy this morning running out to the car ready to go for a walk up the hills near Cranleigh.  However, once we arrived at the carpark in Holmbury she had taken a sudden turn and it was clear she was about to die – Adam, Cailyn & I were all with her which was so good & we could just sit with her while she took her final breaths.  It was very fast and very peaceful and for that we are so grateful.
I worked out when we got back to the house that it is exactly 5 years to the day that we got her (21/10/12) and what a 5 years it has been… Saffy had such a lovely, unique character, full of enthusiasm and energy.  We absolutely loved having her as our dog & will miss her terribly.  Thank you for all the care & love you showed her while she was with you & beyond.
Few photos of Saffy over the years…’

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3 thoughts on “21st October

  1. So sorry to read the sad news .We had half expected to take Saffy when we visited Guildford but Jazz [Jess] was in greater need at the time, consequently we always took great interest when news of her came up and were delighted when she ‘made the calendar’.Thankfully she had a peaceful ending and memories will last a lifetime. Thinking of Jude Adam and especially Caitlyn.

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