24th October

We have lovely Peppa-Fleur staying with us at the moment while her Mum, Barbara recovers from an operation on her knee. Surgery was today but I am pleased to hear Barbara has already had some dinner and a cuppa and is awaiting photos of Peppa.

We have also been helping with walking Peppa over recent weeks as Barbara’s knee has been very painful and her husband, George has been in hospital and Barbara’s time has been spent visiting him each day.

Riding ‘shotgun’ in my car when I pick her up for her walk!

Peppa, then Fleur, belonged to an older lady who had recently moved into sheltered accommodation with Peppa and Peppa’s mother, who belonged to her son, she had to find a new home for Peppa as she was only allowed one dog.

On one of our recent walks

Please let go of any images of a sweet old lady, Val dealt with it and I cannot tell you how we referred to her, I believe the son was a drug dealer.


We were told Peppa was Staff x Boxer, what we do know is that she was never walked and her claws were very overgrown because of this, she also lacked confidence on walks. Val picked her up and took her to the vets for her vaccinations while we looked for a home.


A home did come along and she went to a young couple who took her out and about, we paid for her to be spayed whilst with them, they changed her name to Peppa probably after Peppa Pig, because she grunts!

Sadly they had to give her up when they had to move to somewhere and were not allowed dogs, so Peppa came to us for a while where she has always been a favourite with the whole family, my eldest daughter remembers walking her with Lexus and watching two fat white bottoms waddle up the road!

collecting at Pets at Home

She has always been quite a character and has her soft toys which she nuzzles and chews, Barbara calls them her ‘Dollies.’ She had an Elephant, ‘Ellie,’ when she came to us, she now has several and her three favourites, Digby Dog, a Pheasant and a Hedgehog have come to stay with her!

We took her to a show and she had a go at agility!

Barbara and George adopted her in June 2013 and she won Best Guildford Stafford at our first show and has come on many of the Stafford walks, she will be there at our Stafford walk on Sunday.

George and Peppa at our first show. It was George’s 80th birthday

Barbara and Peppa

We wish Barbara a speedy recovery.

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  1. Dear Alison, thank you so much for the pics and Peppa’s story. I’m missing her dreadfully but happy she is being looked after so well with you. Hope it won’t be too long before we are together again. With love x

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