27th July

A few photos from our holiday before it becomes a distant memory.

It was particularly lovely this year and I am still feeling relaxed, my thanks to Jane for looking after Bella and the valuable feed back so we know what to look for in a new home for her.

I think this summed up the week!

We have decided to get Bella’s teeth done and she has an early appointment with Jane vet to discuss this.

Long shadows, first evening

A boy and his dogs

Nico became obsessed with the sea in the same way he is with his ball, insisting we went down for a paddle each morning.

Pixie! We had her DNA tested, she is SBT x terrier x sight hound but her great grand dad was a Labrador!



Nico swam


Pixie took a little more persuading

This was shortly before she chased two Labradors and their careful lady owner off the beach! She spent the remainder of the holiday on the Norty step!

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3 thoughts on “27th July

  1. So glad you all had a good holiday. Fortunately we had a free week which enabled us to take Bella. She’s such a sweetie who deserves a loving home. Bella was the perfect guest & if our usual lifestyle permitted we would have kept her in a heartbeat. We really hope a perfect home comes along as Bella has so much love to give & will make someone a wonderful companion.

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