31st July

Back story to our July Calendar picture Harry and Trixie, ‘Phew! Hot enough to fry an egg on this patio.’

An appropriate picture for this summer apart from the last two weeks.

You have heard the expression, ‘joined at the hip,’ well you can see from this photo that Harry and Trixie are mirror images of each other, a couple of bookends and inseparable. Their story is remarkable and they are Guildford Stafford Legends!


They are also on the calendar in December so we will just hear the first part of their story now and find out how they managed to be ‘Together again,’ in December.

Their story began when a young man bought Harry and a year later bought Trixie. Trixie got ‘caught’ on her first season and had two pups, probably because of the dogs, he lost his accommodation and his job. He was desperate to keep his dogs somehow and booked them all into the local kennels, running up huge bills but hoping he would find a job and be able to find somewhere to live and have his dogs back.

As hope of this began to fade he signed Trixie over to us and then the puppies.


Trixie’s puppies

We quickly found the puppies (two girls) homes, Trixie went to a foster home and from there was adopted by Sam Horscroft and Jim as a companion to their elderly female Staffie, Suzy in March 2008. Trixie was 14 months old.

Trixie when she was first adopted with Sam and Jim

Trixie with Susy


Harry remained in kennels and eventually and very reluctantly, when his money ran out his owner signed Harry over to us too.

A recent picture of Trixie

Sam knew about Harry but was unable to take him as well as she had Suzy but she never forgot about him. Read in December how they came to be ‘Together Again’  … to be continued …

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