31st October

We found a small window to walk the dogs this afternoon between school pick up and Trick and Treating.

We have two nervous dogs in the house at the moment and the Trick & Treating in our village has got to such a scale that it is as frightening and upsetting for the dogs as bonfire night.I shall stop there before I sound like the rather odd old lady I am! Bah Humbug!

Thoughts with Barbara, Peppa’s owner, as she struggles with gaining bend in her knee after her op, keep up the physio!

Peppa is quite happy with us and has begun nuzzling her teddies, or ‘dollies’ as Barbara calls them, which must mean she is feeling settled. She is a very lovely, if rather quirky dog.

Some pictures on her walk today.

Meanwhile Pixie found her inner Terrier digging in the muck heap

I will spare you the picture of the dead rat carcass she eventually uncovered, needless to say she had a bath and her collar and harness washed!

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