5th October

As I have said before things can change very quickly in rescue, hot on the heels of Tiddles departure to her new home we were asked to help with two other dogs.

The first was Patch, a 4 year old neutered male whose owners are losi.ng their home by the 28th October, he is on our website and we will try to find him a new home asap.

Hello, I’m Patch, a very lively 4 year old black and white neutered Staffie.  I was once a stray and have had two homes. The first family wasn’t very interested in me and never took me for walks, but last year they gave me to Emma and James and I have been so-oo happy. Unfortunately they have to move on October 28th and the only home they can find won’t take dogs, so they are desperate to find me a loving home.
I am very affectionate with my owners and love attention and being with people and where it’s at.  I’m happy with kids, though I haven’t had the chance of meeting many.  I think I’m fine with other dogs, though mostly I’ve met them when on the lead. I would like to play with them very much, but I would love an experienced new owner who could teach me and help me practise socialising. When I meet other dogs who are aggressive I’m uncomfortable.
Um…er… I do pull a bit, but someone told my aunty that Staffies often do.  I’m sure my new owner could help me with my manners.  Just look at my pictures to see how beautifully I can sit – and how sleek and handsome I am!!
I love long walks and running very fast in empty fields when its safe, though I got scared when a huge cow mooed at me through a fence and barked at it: it wasn’t bothered and just turned its back!
I love my toys and take good care of them: they’re all in one piece.  I’m told some dogs rip theirs to bits: not me!  I have a nice bed to bring with me and I quite like the odd nap on it even in the day time.  I eat dry biscuits/kibble only and drink water and will bring my personal dual dispenser for these that my Mum Emma bought me.
I have regular Frontline treatment for fleas and can bring a stock, also worming treatment.  My vaccinations are a bit overdue, so I’m going to the vets this week to catch them up and my aunty has insisted that they get me the Kennel Cough inoculation too while I’m there.  So I should be all set for my new life.
Please can you give it to me?’
The other is Mabel who we took in on Tuesday as an emergency.
She is also 4, spayed and black and white (Tiddles mark 2)
Mabel is very frightened and anxious at the moment.
Concern for her and the fact that I had not put the Wheelie Bin out (and they have come before 7 am recently) meant I leaped from my bed at 6.30 am, not dressing properly and got the Wheelie Bin out, just in time.
I then proceeded to take the dogs out in their set order, Mabel as the newbie, going last.
As there had not been time to walk her properly after her arrival the day before I put Bella’s harness on her (a bit of a squeeze) and headed for the rec.
She walked beautifully up the road, arriving at the rec I adjusted her lead and she obviously expected to be let off, however we proceeded up the track and into the woods, here she stopped dead and rolled onto her side (something she keeps doing) she would not move so we turned back into the field where she scampered then rolled, throwing herself over, in the wet grass.
She was still hesitant but we managed to make it part of the way across the field before heading back down the drive, all was well … until we reached the end of the drive where she wanted to turn right instead of left towards home, she stopped, then lay down flat!
By now it was peak rush hour, for work and the school run, me standing with a somewhat overweight, prostrate dog beside me was viewed by many with various reactions!
Eventually I persuaded her to cross the road and head towards home, which worked until we came to 166, where she wanted to go down their drive and when I refused, down she flopped, it happened again at no 154, I just hope they were not looking out of their windows!
We had to cross the road yet again to get her to move but then got very stuck in spitting distance of home. Several neighbours stopped to talk to us and eventually Sam came past on his way to college.
By this time the lack of breakfast and fact I was still in my pyjamas meant I broke the rules and gave her a ‘bit of a tug’, the momentum was enough to get us safely through the back door and into a warm kitchen.
In the evening we walked her with Bella and Spryte which helped to keep her moving though we still had one or two stops and another lay down in the drive of 166!

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  1. Well, if Patch and Mabel don’t land on their paws pretty soon after such a glorious write-up ……….
    Btw pyjamas and wheelie bins; you are not alone.

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