5th October (Evening)

Mabel was far more settled overnight, we walked her this morning with Scruffy and Bella. Scruffy was delighted to have yet another new girlfriend but Mabel was not overly impressed as he cavorted up the street and felt he could have done something about his personal hygiene if he wanted to impress!

She did keep moving on the walk until we were nearly home when she stopped and lay down, it took Sam and I 15 minutes until we could persuade her to move.

She is beginning to enjoy time out in the garden and has toileted and had a drink at last.

This evening’s walk with Bella and Spryte got off to a promising start and she scampered and rolled over in the field but then she refused to get up!

The others carried on leaving Mabel and myself  in the gathering gloom. We made erratic progress to the end of the drive where she refused to turn left but was persuaded to cross the road , all well until we reached no 166, down she flopped!

Eventually she was persuaded on her way, trotting happily the rest of the way home!

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One thought on “5th October (Evening)

  1. This one sounds like a real character Alison!! We have friends with a Bassett called Mabel who’s very strong willed, maybe there’s a lesson to be learned when choosing names….?!! Xx

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