6th July

My second attempt to visit Bella’s holiday accommodation today was more successful than the first last week where I ended up driving down single track roads thanks to the satnav and eventually gave up and went home!

Today I had plenty of time, which was just as well as otherwise I would have missed a real treat! Having got to know Jane quite well when she has supported us at the dog shows with her crafts and stood for hours beside me in Pets at Home, I should have known that, ‘checking her square of gravel,’ was sufficient for Bella, would not be what it seemed.

The ‘square of gravel’ was surrounded by a beautiful and extravagant garden with a gazebo worthy of a Medieval castle, all due to Jane’s gifts of craft. It did not end there with an allotment tucked in and behind the gate you were straight onto a path perfect for dog walks.

Bella made herself at home exploring the bungalow and chasing the resident pigeon whenever he had the audacity to land, before falling fast asleep on the sofa she was not allowed on, meanwhile I sat in the shade of the Medieval gazebo sipping iced coffee and eating delicious freshly baked sponge cake.

Neither Bella nor I wanted to leave, lucky Bella goes back there on Saturday, I asked if I could go with her!

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