7th October

Mabel ate her meat!

Progress walking Mabel has gradually improved, as well as her behaviour on walks she has been very anxious and ‘shut down’.


She did not toilet, not even a wee for the first few days, neither did she drink and food was a complete no no, which made it very difficult to motivate her.

We have used Ttouch both in the ‘strokes’ and everything we picked up from the course we went on, such as waiting when she refused to move!

The whole family have been involved with my eldest daughter, Sara, building up a rapport with her in the day when I was out. It has been wonderful to see her gradually relax and begin to come out of herself but apart from some pieces of Bonio we could not get her to eat at all.

We used Bonio bits to get her into her crate, they remained in her bed at first but eventually they disappeared until she would eat them each time I gave them to her but she refused any food I put in a bowl including a spoonful of Naturediet meat (you know the mix of meat and veg, which frankly looks quite tempting to me!) Usually I mix that with the dried kibble and can get dogs eating the kibble within a few days, NEVER have I known a dog refuse the meat on its own, but that is what Mabel did.

She is very overweight and would happily eat what you are eating but apart from the bits of Bonio she has eaten nothing since she came in on Tuesday lunchtime.

Last night she even put her mouth on the meat but still didn’t eat it. I have waited or left it out while I prepared dinner and even put the bowl in the crate with her, all to no avail. (Please note it is not the same piece of food, I give her fresh each time, one of the other dogs soon cleans it up.)

This evening, despite being very tired I purposely stayed in the kitchen, with a jolly and relaxed Mabel with a tablespoon of tempting meat waiting in her bowl. She sniffed it and walked away, I made myself a cup of tea, still nothing. So I gave up, put her to bed and put the bowl of food in with her. An hour later I came down, there it remained, I walked into the kitchen then decided I would remove the food and let Nico have it, I went back just in time to see Mabel licking a clean bowl!

At last!


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  1. Lovely “tails” – that book can’t be far off. Congratulations on getting a staffy to eat meat. Milly Bennett xx

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