3rd October

Gareth has suggested as the theme for next year’s calendar, Best Mates to Bedmates!

Please send in your pictures.

Dog must have been homed by Guildford SBT Rescue

Photo must be good quality/ stand as a picture (not just cute)

No bare flesh please!

Theme is very loose (not in the moral sense!)

Here are our first ones to inspire you!

Lexi Williamson

Chilly and Colin

Trixie & Harry

Monty & Orla


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30th September

Tiddles has gone to her new home today with my friend Jackie and family.

It looks as if she is making herself at home.

She was with us for just 13 days, the fastest we have re-homed a dog for sometime.


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27th September

Monty and Orla ‘Me and my shadow.’

This picture of Gareth’s granddaughter with Monty was the inspiration behind our 2017 calendar ‘Best Friends.’

We took Monty into the rescue on 1st December 2007 at one year old.

His story was not particularly remarkable, he had been bought by a couple as a puppy, the relationship had ended and so they were no longer able to keep him. Relationship breakdown is the main reason given for needing to re-home a dog as it results in loss of home, the remaining partner has to work so cannot give the dog enough time, loss of income. It is a social problem that has had a devastating effect on all dogs but SBT’s in particular.

In this case the girl was very sensible and the chap a ‘wrong un’ who she rued the day becoming involved with, she said she knew it was wrong to have bought a puppy and she wept copiously when she did the right thing in handing him in to rescue.

Her loss was Gareth and Brenda’s gain as ‘Buddy’ as he was then, was a young, handsome, pedigree with no particular issues.

Gareth had previously adopted a dog from Barbara Green from Stafford Welfare North West Rescue, but with a move to Salisbury, Barbara suggested we were a nearer rescue.

Gareth and Brenda adopted him on 28th January 2008



Gareth & Monty on our Stafford Walk last Oct

Gareth says,

‘Monty is my fourth rescue SBT and (with due respect to the others) is an outstanding dog. Faithful and kind, peaceable and generous, he is an absolute delight and enjoys  a pop-star fan-base in Salisbury where we often catch the bus at the end of our two or three mile daily walk.
He is a notable reader of moods, and situations and plays to the gallery on the Salisbury Red No 10; so when my granddaughter  three-year-old Orla took him for a walk around her garden, he walked slowly alongside not tugging in the slightest. A Nanny dog indeed
If he has a fault – (and I dont count it as such) its his nose! Sniffing at each and every corner can considerably lengthen an evening walk. Except if it rains….’


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25th September

New girl Tids ‘helping’ with the hay delivery and meeting Mike and Dave (possible new home)

Checking out the front seat in the Disco

‘Can I help?’

Still in monochrome, Pixie getting in on the act!


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19th September

This afternoon I spent two hours on the phone.

One was a potential home for a dog, always a priority. The next came through immediately I put the phone down, two dogs urgently needing to come in.

Then chasing up the medical history of the new dog before her appointment at our vets tomorrow.

Then background checks on potential home.

As it stands at the moment I have not heard back from potential home or dogs needing to come in.

The medical history drew a blank, as per normal, we will start vaccines over again.

Background checks also got nowhere.

Wasted time?

Certainly time I would rather have spent in my garden on such a lovely afternoon, but I do not believe any time is wasted, more an investment, who knows what will come from this?


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17th September

Things can change very fast in rescue … meet our new girl Tiddles or Tids (because she is very small)

Just 2 hours after taking the call we had taken her in!

She will be 8 on Saturday, a lovely little pied girl.

She had started fighting with the other Stafford  she had lived with for years so was crated but her owners then felt it was not fair on her so they asked us to help.

She needs to be the only dog/pet in the house but she is not overly reactive when out and walked happily with Bella today.


She does  jump up a bit but with training this could be overcome.

She has lived with young children and is a typical Stafford loving cuddles and sleeping on your bed.


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16th September

This months picture of Gareth’s grandaughter Orla,with Monty, ‘Me and my shadow,’ was the inspiration behind last years calendar ‘Best friends’. Background story coming very soon.

Also time for thinking of a theme and sending in your pics for next years calendar!

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30th August

Bruno’s Holiday

Bruno and his family have just returned from their holiday in Devon, looks like Bruno had a great time!

A butterfly landed on his nose!


I remember that look!



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28th August

We have heard from Ozzy’s new owner, Frederick Cuss a year on from adopting him, he says he is fantastic. This was a match made in heaven!

Also some photos of a new slimline Lexie very happy with her new family.

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26th August

Bella has been walking with Scruffy every weekday morning since our holiday, he adores her, I am not sure the feeling is mutual!

I did a new write up for her on the website including some of the photos taken during her stay with Jane. One of Jane’s friends who met her when she was there has crafted this needle felt of Bella, we think it has really caught her likeness, so clever.


Look who has come to stay for a couple of weeks!

It’s Skyla … a mini tornado!

These three are old friends, they have a stack of energy between them.

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