27th July

A few photos from our holiday before it becomes a distant memory.

It was particularly lovely this year and I am still feeling relaxed, my thanks to Jane for looking after Bella and the valuable feed back so we know what to look for in a new home for her.

I think this summed up the week!

We have decided to get Bella’s teeth done and she has an early appointment with Jane vet to discuss this.

Long shadows, first evening

A boy and his dogs

Nico became obsessed with the sea in the same way he is with his ball, insisting we went down for a paddle each morning.

Pixie! We had her DNA tested, she is SBT x terrier x sight hound but her great grand dad was a Labrador!



Nico swam


Pixie took a little more persuading

This was shortly before she chased two Labradors and their careful lady owner off the beach! She spent the remainder of the holiday on the Norty step!

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19th July

Apologies for overlooking our June and cover Calendar stars, Saffy and Cailyn, ‘Best Friends!’

Here they are on a walk yesterday evening, Saffy sat down to catch her breath and Cailyn walked over and sat with her whilst she rested. Still best friends!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Saffy or Sapphire as she was, came to us on 14th April 2010 aged 6 years.

She had been homed though Dogs In Need Rescue at approx one year old to a girl who worked with horses who also had a Collie from DIN, sadly she lost her job and with it her accommodation and had to find new homes for both her dogs after owning them for five years.

She loved the car, was used to horses and ball obsessed so she settled straight in with us, coming with me to the ponies each day and playing with her ball while I poo picked, and at home she was very quiet, in fact she was one of the easiest dogs we have ever had.

She was a big girl and a bit of a tank with ‘prick’ ears and probably due to her age she just stuck.Other dogs came and went but Saffy just got overlooked, we even thought we had found her a home on a Scottish island at one point, but it came to nothing.

Then she developed a mast cell tumour and we launched ‘Saffy’s Appeal’ to raise money for an operation to remove it.  We had a terrific response and covered the cost of the op, we hoped the extra publicity would bring along a home, but still nothing.

Fundraising at PAH. not entirely at ease!

Wound following her op to remove mast cell tumour

She remained in rescue with us, much of the time with Jade who was also a long stayer, for two years running we had to find them somewhere to stay whilst we were away on our annual holiday.

Then a recently married couple came along looking for a dog to adopt, they said they would like to offer a home to a dog that really needed it and had been waiting for a long time, only the second time in all my years of running the rescue that someone has said that!


Saffy with Adam, Jude and Caitlyn at this year’s Guildford SBT Rescue show

So on 1st December 2012 after two and a half years in rescue Saffy was adopted by Adam and Jude.

It took a time of adjustment for her to settle going on walks on a lead, she followed them through two house moves and the arrival of Caitlyn, her ‘Best Friend.’



There were highs, winning a rosette at the local dog show, and lows when she had to have another tumour removed, she was not great with meeting strange dogs but okay after introductions and she now lives happily with a male Labrador.

Saffy is now 13 and has been with Adam and Jude for over four and a half years. She is slowing a bit but still has a zest for life. This has really been her year, on the cover of our 10th anniversary Calendar and Best Guildford Stafford and Show Champion at our dog show in May which then got into the Surrey Advertiser!

She certainly is our dog of the year, a true Guildford Stafford celebrity!

Thank you Adam and Jude for giving her a second chance and a wonderful home.




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11th July

I brought my camera but not the attachment to transfer the pics onto my laptop, so some photos from past years.

Lexus loved it here. Here he is watching the sunset.

In the garden with me.

After Jane and Bella left on Saturday morning the chaos continued for us with two phone calls from people wanting help or for us to take in their dog.

The first was a girl from our village who we have spoken to before. She has taken on her sister’s Stafford, it is uncertain how long for, she has no confidence in the breed and the dog is reactive and she is terrified of walking her! We dispatched Sam as he is studying dog behaviour, to assess the situation and give her some tips, apparently she is a very small Staff and he was able to help, whether she really wants us to re-home the dog is hard to tell at this stage..

The next was a lady also local, whose son with learning difficulties had been given a dog to look after by a friend, they were now unable to contact the friend and unable to look after or keep the dog, due to the husband’s allergies. She had driven to Battersea, Dogs Trust, RSPCA with no one able to help. I left it that she rings me again next week when we are back if she cannot find anything else in the meantime.

Playing with Jesse puppy!

Paddling in the sea!

Yet another email since we have been here for a 10 year old, so it looks like we shall be busy again once we are home.

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10th July

Jane kindly offered to pick Bella up on Saturday morning to save me driving her down, ‘What about parking?’ she asked, knowing we now live next to a building site, ‘You will be okay on a Saturday’, I glibly replied. Famous last words, Saturday morning I was woken at 7.30 am by a voice outside asking if anyone knew who the silver Landrover belonged to as it was parked across the site gates!

‘Dave you need to move your car’!

So began the first day of our holiday!

By the time I got back from doing the ponies the Tarmac lorries were ‘running’ in and out regularly and I could not find anywhere close to park. Jane arrived and we tried to fit her in with 6″ of car encroaching on the gates but the testy lorry driver was having none of it!  Paul (owner of Scruffy) kindly let her park in his drive but insisted on seeing her out, with helpful comments like, ‘Come on ladies, are you pulling out or not, I didn’t realise you were ‘aving a cup of tea first!’  Whilst standing in the middle of the road holding up all the traffic for half a mile through the village! Oh dear, but at least Bella and Jane were away out of it towards their patch of paradise.

Wonder how Scruffy will cope without his girlfriend for a week?

Meanwhile all has gone a bit upmarket at our holiday cottage with the installation of a Hot Tub along with a long list of dos and donts!  I am told I am being ‘churlish’ but it does seem to be at a cost of the cottage becoming less dog friendly.

Jane was wondering how Bella would cope as they had guests coming for dinner on Sunday, as you can see by the pics she found it really stressful, not!

Sitting on the ladies laps!

Doing the dishwasher pre-wash cycle!

Crashed out at the end of a busy day, this holiday lark is hard work, you know!


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6th July

My second attempt to visit Bella’s holiday accommodation today was more successful than the first last week where I ended up driving down single track roads thanks to the satnav and eventually gave up and went home!

Today I had plenty of time, which was just as well as otherwise I would have missed a real treat! Having got to know Jane quite well when she has supported us at the dog shows with her crafts and stood for hours beside me in Pets at Home, I should have known that, ‘checking her square of gravel,’ was sufficient for Bella, would not be what it seemed.

The ‘square of gravel’ was surrounded by a beautiful and extravagant garden with a gazebo worthy of a Medieval castle, all due to Jane’s gifts of craft. It did not end there with an allotment tucked in and behind the gate you were straight onto a path perfect for dog walks.

Bella made herself at home exploring the bungalow and chasing the resident pigeon whenever he had the audacity to land, before falling fast asleep on the sofa she was not allowed on, meanwhile I sat in the shade of the Medieval gazebo sipping iced coffee and eating delicious freshly baked sponge cake.

Neither Bella nor I wanted to leave, lucky Bella goes back there on Saturday, I asked if I could go with her!

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30th June

Thank you for offers of help with Bella when we are away, we are now sorted and Sandra is going to pop in on Sunday to let Bella and Spryte down the garden wen we are at my parents 70th wedding anniversary party!

We are very grateful to all help offered.

Bella has a new friend!

I have been walking Scruffy the Lurcher and he and Bella get on very well, a matching pair.

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26th June

More pictures of Lexie in her new home

And more photos of Bruno!

‘where’s my dinner then?’

Sleeping in comfy places

The park and woodlands where Bruno has his walks, now going off lead.

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24th June

Annual General Meeting of Guildford Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue Wednesday 28th June 7.30pm at St Thomas Church Hall, New Rd, Chilworth GU4 8LU




*Minutes of previous AGM

*Annual report


*Election of Trustees


*Closing remarks

Details of our AGM are given above. It is a public meeting so all are welcome to attend. We have had a lapse over the past couple of years but we hope to appoint new Trustees and get things back on track.

Our annual income still falls below the £5,000 necessary to become a registered charity but it is our aim to increase our income and register as a charity in the future.

Excellent news that Lexie and Bruno have both been fully adopted by their new families, we could not ask for two better homes.




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16th June

In a few weeks time we are off on our annual week away down at Pagham, quite early this year.

We are looking for a foster home for Bella for that week.

She is good with other dogs but a quiet, calm home would suit her best, she does not need walking as long as she has a garden she can go out in (she gets very stressed on walks as she wants to chase rabbits etc)

She would need someone who is around most of the time and to be able to snuggle up on the sofa is a must!

If you can help please let Alison know.

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12th June

Our last day at Pets at Home for the Fundraiser Drive, which ends Tuesday 13th June, went surprisingly well, I managed to sell 20 plus scratch cards in 2 hours on top of those sold at the till!


People were very generous!

I had Pixie with me and she came out to do a couple of short stints, despite her cleverness she is a little too nervous for ‘Meet and greet’.



She performed her whole repertoire of tricks for one of the managers but then when a couple were asked at the till if they would like to donate a pound to charity and they declined, she proceeded to growl at them!

That was the end of that stint!

I am on a TTouch course tomorrow at Dog Comm.


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