11th June

We had a great day at Shalford Fete, sunny for most of the day though the wind was a constant challenge!

In the end we decided against the gazebo, partly because of the wind and partly because I was on my own at that stage and have absolutely no idea how to put it up!


We were busy from the start with people mooching through the stuff and buying tickets for the Tombola (which we soon realised was missing all the winning tickets, doh! Don’t do things like that so late at night! Or maybe like erecting Gazebos it’s not one of my strengths!) Anyway, we soon put it right and found the customers who had been disappointed and offered them a prize and then changed the winning numbers and it was a huge success, we took £78.71  altogether which is very good for a day like that.

There were lots of lovely dogs including Trudie who was one of our first rescues homed as a puppy and now 11

Trudie with her friend Fudge

This is the lovely Hector who is 13 and I thought he was a puppy! He was very excited by all the other dogs.


These elegant Salukis were all rescues

Coco great ambassador for friendly Staffords!


Pixie won ‘Dogs got talent’ class with her trick of jumping through Sam’s arms!

Sorry no pictures of trick but this is their warm up!

Fancy dress class! The cavalier was hilarious as he waddled from side to side!


We will be in Pets at Home Monday 12th  12 – 2pm  for the last time as the fundraiser finishes on Tuesday 13th June

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9th June

We will be at Shalford Village Fete and Dog Show Sunday 11th June from 12 noon Shalford Cricket Ground

We heard from Milly who lives with David and Pat Bennet, she was off to cast her vote for Paul O Grady!!!

Milly Bennett

What a pretty girl she is!

Pets at Home went well for a wet General Election Thursday!

We gave away lots of balloons and there was £10 in the pot on top of the sale of Scratch Cards.

Oh and I got to hold a Labrador puppy! Not the one pictured but I think she must have been a litter mate as looked exactly the same!

Next Tuesday 13th June is the last day of the Fundraising Drive, we hope to pop in on the Monday even if it only for an hour from 12.30 ish

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8th June

We will be in Pets at Home for our 4th day of the Fundraising Drive Thursday 8th June  (Yes! THAT DAY!)  10 am – 2 pm

If you can pop in for a time it will be greatly appreciated, all friendly dogs welcome!

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7th June

Bruno very happy and adored in his new home.

His new Mum writes,

‘He really is such a sweet and lovely dog, we all feel so lucky to have him. He is so happy and friendly and such a fantastic character, and he has settled in so well, it must be such an upheaval and change for him but he has coped brilliantly.’

Zoe is a veterinary nurse and on Monday she took Bruno in to the Veterinary practise where she works and he was thoroughly checked over with CT scans and bloods taken and a much needed dental carried out where they discovered he had a broken lower canine tooth, which they removed but it was a big job. Zoe did not want to leave him in the vets over night so brought him home nursing him through the night and administering 4 hourly pain relief injections.

Here he is feeling sorry for himself but he is now recovering and had eaten some warm chicken and rice last night.

I would like to thank Zoe and Mark for doing this for Bruno, he must feel very loved.

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2nd June

Our third day at Pets at Home Fundraising Drive.

Token dog ‘Lou’

This was probably our busiest day so far with lots of children as it was half term so we gave out lots of balloons and cleared the cakes!

We only had a token dog in ‘Lou’ although we did meet a really lovely RSPCA rescue girl, Daisy, who stood in for a short time.


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30th May

Background story on our May Calendar picture, Jade and Maria

We have known Jade since she was a puppy!

She was one of a litter born to a family whose daughter was one of my daughter’s friends. We bought one of the puppies, Spryte and there was a family choosing one of the other pups while we were there.

At Epsom Canine Show

It was just as I started the rescue and a few weeks later I heard from the lady who had Jade saying the puppy had been stolen from the garden!

Collecting at Pets at Home

18 months later Jade turned up in rescue! She went back to the family she had been stolen from as a puppy although by now their circumstances had changed and they could not offer Jade such a good home. However they kept her for over a year before feeling they could no longer cope and she came back into rescue where she remained for two and a half years coming with me to the ponies each day.


Eventually she went to an elderly gentleman, who had plenty of staff to care for her (and him) and she was very happy running in the grounds and keeping him company during the day. Sadly he died and after almost two years she was back with us again, slotting back into the routine as if she had never been away.

Jade and Spryte (Jade on left)

Again she came with me to the ponies and it was here she met Maria, one of my pupils.

Maria has Autism and was nervous of dogs but after her riding lesson she would walk Jade and spend time with her and gradually a relationship grew.


In under a year Maria and her family adopted Jade where she is not only a well loved pet but acts as an assistance dog to Maria, helping Maria with her anxiety and providing companionship in a way only a Stafford does!

A true success story from both sides!

I am writing up Jade’s story into a short book as she depicts the plight of the modern Staffordshire Bull Terrier, being passed from pillar to post through no fault of their own.

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29th May

Bruno was very pleased to see Zoe and Mark again and went off happily with them.

Zoe writes, “Bruno has had a wonderful first day with us.

He had a big explore round the whole house and garden when he first arrived, then he had a lovely sunbathe in the garden with us all.

Later on we went off for a nice walk, I had him on a 5 meter lead so he could have some freedom to explore etc. He met 6 other dogs and was really good, he was definitely interested in saying hello to them but also very polite with his ‘meet and greet’ behaviour and after he said hello he just walked on.

So that’s all really positive start for a first day and he has just had his tea and is now snoozing on the sofa!

He seems very relaxed and calm and doesn’t appear stressed so I think he is settling in well so far and hopefully not missing Bella and you too much.”


Bella is settled and happy and has not noticeably missed him so far, despite torrential rain and thunder outside tonight.


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28th May

A good afternoon at Pets at Home for our second visit for the Fundraising Drive, there again Friday 2nd June 10 am – 2 pm


Thanks to Dee for bringing the lovely Oggy

This little girl was nervous of dogs!

This is Juliet’s new rescue pup (hand reared after Mum died)

The very laid back ‘Steve!’


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