18th November

Dear all,

We are getting late for putting in our calendar orders!

Gareth’s suggested theme for this year is ‘Best Mates to Bedmates’.

Please email your pics to me guildfordstaffords@gmail.com asap only dogs homed by Guildford SBT Rescue please. I put out a shout on the wretched Facebook and we have quite a few but we do like to include dogs we have homed this year if possible and try to stick with the theme.

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13th November

Sometimes everything just comes together and all we have to do is be there.

I got in on Saturday evening to a message left in the morning asking for help for a 14 year old Stafford female after her family had been made homeless.

Rosy had been with her family since she was a pup, they rented their accommodation and the Landlord decided to sell and served notice on them.

They were provided with temporary accommodation but pets were not allowed.

Dave now works for an Estate Agents and this is quite a common occurrence when a landlord decides to sell and with many landlords no longer allowing pets.

Rosy had been looked after temporarily by a friend but this could no longer continue.

I contacted a colleague and we decided Rosy needed to go straight into a home, if possible, rather than spend any time in rescue and certainly no kennels.

I had taken a call from a lady earlier in the week who had recently lost a dog and was looking for an older dog, I had rung her back but had not yet managed to speak to her.

I left a message.

Rachel had been to see a dog with my friend Nikki at Epsom Canine Rescue that day and had decided it was not the right dog for her, but it meant she had been approved by Nikki, so I knew she was a good home.

When she rang back she listened to Rosy’s description and without hesitating said she would take her, even though she knew it would not be too long before she went through the heart ache of losing her which she had only recently experienced with her own dog.

Rachel with Rosy

So we met up on Sunday lunchtime in a bitterly cold Dorking with many tears shed, little Rosy is now enjoying plenty of tlc with Rachel and her husband, a perfect home where she will be very much loved.


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9th October

I saw Bella in her new home today and she looked FANTASTIC!

She follows George around everywhere and cries on the few occasions he goes out and leaves her with Josie, she sleeps on the bed and George has made her a special ramp to help her get onto the sofa (as if she needed any encouraging!)

She stills barks a lot and pulls on the lead.

She is loved and thoroughly spoiled, she could not wish for a better home.

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31st October

We found a small window to walk the dogs this afternoon between school pick up and Trick and Treating.

We have two nervous dogs in the house at the moment and the Trick & Treating in our village has got to such a scale that it is as frightening and upsetting for the dogs as bonfire night.I shall stop there before I sound like the rather odd old lady I am! Bah Humbug!

Thoughts with Barbara, Peppa’s owner, as she struggles with gaining bend in her knee after her op, keep up the physio!

Peppa is quite happy with us and has begun nuzzling her teddies, or ‘dollies’ as Barbara calls them, which must mean she is feeling settled. She is a very lovely, if rather quirky dog.

Some pictures on her walk today.

Meanwhile Pixie found her inner Terrier digging in the muck heap

I will spare you the picture of the dead rat carcass she eventually uncovered, needless to say she had a bath and her collar and harness washed!

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29th October

Thanks to everyone who came on our Stafford Walk today.

We had 16 dogs, 20 adults and 2 children.

Brindle was the colour of the day!

£91 raised towards funds, thank you.


The weather was perfect, the distance and pace a little too much for some, something to take into consideration for next time.

Nelson and Kyra


Strokes for Ben and Bree (All were Staffords or Staff crosses apart from Ben the Labrador.)

The lovely Skye

Two new supporters, our token ‘Blue’


Dawn and Bryn

Juliet cuddling her dog Bree, a rescue from Battersea, now 10 years old.

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28th October

Just one day to go until our Stafford Walk. It’s getting chilly so wrap up warm.

There is a nice big car park at The Manor GU7 3BX and a dog friendly garden.

If you are making a day of it and would like lunch I suggest  The Parrot Inn at Shalford, GU4 8DW   run by Sam who owns two Staffies and is very supportive of us it is very dog friendly. If you would like to book ahead the number is : 01483 561400

I have had a cold the last few days which has made me feel ghastly so have struggled to do the last promotional push for the walk, if you can help by sharing it would be much appreciated.

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24th October

We have lovely Peppa-Fleur staying with us at the moment while her Mum, Barbara recovers from an operation on her knee. Surgery was today but I am pleased to hear Barbara has already had some dinner and a cuppa and is awaiting photos of Peppa.

We have also been helping with walking Peppa over recent weeks as Barbara’s knee has been very painful and her husband, George has been in hospital and Barbara’s time has been spent visiting him each day.

Riding ‘shotgun’ in my car when I pick her up for her walk!

Peppa, then Fleur, belonged to an older lady who had recently moved into sheltered accommodation with Peppa and Peppa’s mother, who belonged to her son, she had to find a new home for Peppa as she was only allowed one dog.

On one of our recent walks

Please let go of any images of a sweet old lady, Val dealt with it and I cannot tell you how we referred to her, I believe the son was a drug dealer.


We were told Peppa was Staff x Boxer, what we do know is that she was never walked and her claws were very overgrown because of this, she also lacked confidence on walks. Val picked her up and took her to the vets for her vaccinations while we looked for a home.


A home did come along and she went to a young couple who took her out and about, we paid for her to be spayed whilst with them, they changed her name to Peppa probably after Peppa Pig, because she grunts!

Sadly they had to give her up when they had to move to somewhere and were not allowed dogs, so Peppa came to us for a while where she has always been a favourite with the whole family, my eldest daughter remembers walking her with Lexus and watching two fat white bottoms waddle up the road!

collecting at Pets at Home

She has always been quite a character and has her soft toys which she nuzzles and chews, Barbara calls them her ‘Dollies.’ She had an Elephant, ‘Ellie,’ when she came to us, she now has several and her three favourites, Digby Dog, a Pheasant and a Hedgehog have come to stay with her!

We took her to a show and she had a go at agility!

Barbara and George adopted her in June 2013 and she won Best Guildford Stafford at our first show and has come on many of the Stafford walks, she will be there at our Stafford walk on Sunday.

George and Peppa at our first show. It was George’s 80th birthday

Barbara and Peppa

We wish Barbara a speedy recovery.

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23rd October

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Saffy, she was a lovely dog and will be very much missed.

We also heard last week from Boycie who was adopted on the same day as Saffy 21st October 2012, this is what he says, ‘

Hi Allison


Long time since I sent you an update.  Hope you remember me. Boycie! You took me in about five years ago now and I hope you are well.


I’m having a lovely life here in Swallowfield.  I am totally in control and have the humans running around after me all day Iong.  I bounce around each morning until I go for my walk, or should I say run after my tennis ball.  I still hate to be left alone but luckily, they take me everywhere most of the time and I just love the car.  We go on short breaks and holidays regularly because they know I would hate to be left home alone!!


My humans send their best wishes and say I am the best dog they have ever had and they are totally in love with Staffies!!.


Love Boycie.xxx’

Thank you to Breezer from Hayling Island who kindly sent a very large cheque to help all the Staffies in need.

Thank you Breezer, here he is relaxing.

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21st October

This evening Jude, Adam and Caitlyn came down to the stables to tell me the very sad news that dear Saffy passed away this morning.

Saffy was 14 and remained lively to the end despite a number of health issues.

She was with us in rescue for two and a half years before Jude and Adam adopted her, giving her five wonderful years.

She was on the cover of this year’s calendar and champion of our show.

A very special Guildford Stafford.

Jude writes, ‘

It is with great sadness that I need to let you know that Saffy passed away this morning.  As you know she had started to slow up a bit recently but was full of life and energy this morning running out to the car ready to go for a walk up the hills near Cranleigh.  However, once we arrived at the carpark in Holmbury she had taken a sudden turn and it was clear she was about to die – Adam, Cailyn & I were all with her which was so good & we could just sit with her while she took her final breaths.  It was very fast and very peaceful and for that we are so grateful.
I worked out when we got back to the house that it is exactly 5 years to the day that we got her (21/10/12) and what a 5 years it has been… Saffy had such a lovely, unique character, full of enthusiasm and energy.  We absolutely loved having her as our dog & will miss her terribly.  Thank you for all the care & love you showed her while she was with you & beyond.
Few photos of Saffy over the years…’

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