14th October

Tonight I have updated our successes section on the website:

Ozzy, Bruno, Lexie, Tiddles, Patch and of course Bella!

Not a bad year’s work.

Thank you to all our owners and supporters for making this possible and helping us to keep helping Staffords in need.

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13th October

I saw Bella on Thursday afternoon, I had something I had to drop off next door and I had forgotten to give them her Loxicom medicine, else I would not have gone round so soon of course!

She looked as if she had been there for ever, padding around after George apparently she never leaves him and ‘helped’ when he was working in his shed, lay beside him when he was watching tv and the second night pushed Josie out of bed!

It was of course too soon to go round, but had I not gone I would not have seen the look of pure love exchanged between Bella and George while Josie looked on, smiling quietly …


Meanwhile Mabel continues to settle in and come out of her shell. She will walk quite well now as long as there is another dog to follow though she will still not turn left at the end of the drive from the rec, so we cross the road instead, she still stops sometimes but does not lay down now.

She eats out of her bowl, but prefers dried  kibble to the meat! Unbelievable!

On Tuesday she helped me clean the bathroom, she was fascinated by the toilet flushing and the empty toothpaste tube!

She sat by the food bin and ordered her food with a single bark which made Bella bark, which in turn made Mabel and me jump. I duly obeyed by tipping her out some kibble which she ate licking the bowl clean.

We are making progress.

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10th October

Bella has found her forever sofa!

Yet again we have experienced how quickly things can change! It only takes a phone call.

I walked in to a message this afternoon asking if Bella was still available!

Josie and George with Bella

It was a lady inquiring for her parents who had lost their Staffie x a week ago and were looking for something to fill the void,they were elderly but active, just over the other side of the hill from us in Merrow.

Later in the afternoon we took Bella to meet George and Josie , their house and garden reminded me of Jane’s where Bella stayed whilst we were on holiday, the garden is really lovely, with access from the house, perfect for Bella.


George wanted us to leave her there straight away but we insisted on taking her back so Sam could say goodbye but we took her back again later that night.

Update this morning: She spent the rest of the evening on the sofa and then retired to bed with them. She has been up and out, eaten her breakfast and is now back on the bed with George!

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8th October

Patch has now found a home through a local branch of the RSPCA

Mabel has not stopped on her walk recently and even ate some kibble tonight!

Bruno is happy with the dogs at Zoe’s work and is even ok with the cat!

Here he is relaxing with the other dogs in the office!

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7th October

Mabel ate her meat!

Progress walking Mabel has gradually improved, as well as her behaviour on walks she has been very anxious and ‘shut down’.


She did not toilet, not even a wee for the first few days, neither did she drink and food was a complete no no, which made it very difficult to motivate her.

We have used Ttouch both in the ‘strokes’ and everything we picked up from the course we went on, such as waiting when she refused to move!

The whole family have been involved with my eldest daughter, Sara, building up a rapport with her in the day when I was out. It has been wonderful to see her gradually relax and begin to come out of herself but apart from some pieces of Bonio we could not get her to eat at all.

We used Bonio bits to get her into her crate, they remained in her bed at first but eventually they disappeared until she would eat them each time I gave them to her but she refused any food I put in a bowl including a spoonful of Naturediet meat (you know the mix of meat and veg, which frankly looks quite tempting to me!) Usually I mix that with the dried kibble and can get dogs eating the kibble within a few days, NEVER have I known a dog refuse the meat on its own, but that is what Mabel did.

She is very overweight and would happily eat what you are eating but apart from the bits of Bonio she has eaten nothing since she came in on Tuesday lunchtime.

Last night she even put her mouth on the meat but still didn’t eat it. I have waited or left it out while I prepared dinner and even put the bowl in the crate with her, all to no avail. (Please note it is not the same piece of food, I give her fresh each time, one of the other dogs soon cleans it up.)

This evening, despite being very tired I purposely stayed in the kitchen, with a jolly and relaxed Mabel with a tablespoon of tempting meat waiting in her bowl. She sniffed it and walked away, I made myself a cup of tea, still nothing. So I gave up, put her to bed and put the bowl of food in with her. An hour later I came down, there it remained, I walked into the kitchen then decided I would remove the food and let Nico have it, I went back just in time to see Mabel licking a clean bowl!

At last!


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6th October

Next Stafford Walk!

Sunday 29th October 11.30 am Manor Inn beefeater Godalming GU7 3BX

£3 entry per dog, all breeds welcome

We will stroll along the river to The Parrot Inn, stop off for beverages and stroll back!

I recommend The Parrot for lunch if you want to make a day of it.

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5th October (Evening)

Mabel was far more settled overnight, we walked her this morning with Scruffy and Bella. Scruffy was delighted to have yet another new girlfriend but Mabel was not overly impressed as he cavorted up the street and felt he could have done something about his personal hygiene if he wanted to impress!

She did keep moving on the walk until we were nearly home when she stopped and lay down, it took Sam and I 15 minutes until we could persuade her to move.

She is beginning to enjoy time out in the garden and has toileted and had a drink at last.

This evening’s walk with Bella and Spryte got off to a promising start and she scampered and rolled over in the field but then she refused to get up!

The others carried on leaving Mabel and myself  in the gathering gloom. We made erratic progress to the end of the drive where she refused to turn left but was persuaded to cross the road , all well until we reached no 166, down she flopped!

Eventually she was persuaded on her way, trotting happily the rest of the way home!

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5th October

As I have said before things can change very quickly in rescue, hot on the heels of Tiddles departure to her new home we were asked to help with two other dogs.

The first was Patch, a 4 year old neutered male whose owners are losi.ng their home by the 28th October, he is on our website and we will try to find him a new home asap.

Hello, I’m Patch, a very lively 4 year old black and white neutered Staffie.  I was once a stray and have had two homes. The first family wasn’t very interested in me and never took me for walks, but last year they gave me to Emma and James and I have been so-oo happy. Unfortunately they have to move on October 28th and the only home they can find won’t take dogs, so they are desperate to find me a loving home.
I am very affectionate with my owners and love attention and being with people and where it’s at.  I’m happy with kids, though I haven’t had the chance of meeting many.  I think I’m fine with other dogs, though mostly I’ve met them when on the lead. I would like to play with them very much, but I would love an experienced new owner who could teach me and help me practise socialising. When I meet other dogs who are aggressive I’m uncomfortable.
Um…er… I do pull a bit, but someone told my aunty that Staffies often do.  I’m sure my new owner could help me with my manners.  Just look at my pictures to see how beautifully I can sit – and how sleek and handsome I am!!
I love long walks and running very fast in empty fields when its safe, though I got scared when a huge cow mooed at me through a fence and barked at it: it wasn’t bothered and just turned its back!
I love my toys and take good care of them: they’re all in one piece.  I’m told some dogs rip theirs to bits: not me!  I have a nice bed to bring with me and I quite like the odd nap on it even in the day time.  I eat dry biscuits/kibble only and drink water and will bring my personal dual dispenser for these that my Mum Emma bought me.
I have regular Frontline treatment for fleas and can bring a stock, also worming treatment.  My vaccinations are a bit overdue, so I’m going to the vets this week to catch them up and my aunty has insisted that they get me the Kennel Cough inoculation too while I’m there.  So I should be all set for my new life.
Please can you give it to me?’
The other is Mabel who we took in on Tuesday as an emergency.
She is also 4, spayed and black and white (Tiddles mark 2)
Mabel is very frightened and anxious at the moment.
Concern for her and the fact that I had not put the Wheelie Bin out (and they have come before 7 am recently) meant I leaped from my bed at 6.30 am, not dressing properly and got the Wheelie Bin out, just in time.
I then proceeded to take the dogs out in their set order, Mabel as the newbie, going last.
As there had not been time to walk her properly after her arrival the day before I put Bella’s harness on her (a bit of a squeeze) and headed for the rec.
She walked beautifully up the road, arriving at the rec I adjusted her lead and she obviously expected to be let off, however we proceeded up the track and into the woods, here she stopped dead and rolled onto her side (something she keeps doing) she would not move so we turned back into the field where she scampered then rolled, throwing herself over, in the wet grass.
She was still hesitant but we managed to make it part of the way across the field before heading back down the drive, all was well … until we reached the end of the drive where she wanted to turn right instead of left towards home, she stopped, then lay down flat!
By now it was peak rush hour, for work and the school run, me standing with a somewhat overweight, prostrate dog beside me was viewed by many with various reactions!
Eventually I persuaded her to cross the road and head towards home, which worked until we came to 166, where she wanted to go down their drive and when I refused, down she flopped, it happened again at no 154, I just hope they were not looking out of their windows!
We had to cross the road yet again to get her to move but then got very stuck in spitting distance of home. Several neighbours stopped to talk to us and eventually Sam came past on his way to college.
By this time the lack of breakfast and fact I was still in my pyjamas meant I broke the rules and gave her a ‘bit of a tug’, the momentum was enough to get us safely through the back door and into a warm kitchen.
In the evening we walked her with Bella and Spryte which helped to keep her moving though we still had one or two stops and another lay down in the drive of 166!

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3rd October

Gareth has suggested as the theme for next year’s calendar, Best Mates to Bedmates!

Please send in your pictures.

Dog must have been homed by Guildford SBT Rescue

Photo must be good quality/ stand as a picture (not just cute)

No bare flesh please!

Theme is very loose (not in the moral sense!)

Here are our first ones to inspire you!

Lexi Williamson

Chilly and Colin

Trixie & Harry

Monty & Orla


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30th September

Tiddles has gone to her new home today with my friend Jackie and family.

It looks as if she is making herself at home.

She was with us for just 13 days, the fastest we have re-homed a dog for sometime.


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