From October 2006 we have successfully found loving new homes for many dogs that were unfortunate enough to need us. With your help we hope to continue our success and keep Guildford’s Staffords smiling. Below are some of our previous guests who found a new family.

If you have homed a Guildford Stafford, please tell us about how your dog is getting on and we will add your story to our growing list of successes.


Bella was 11 years old when she came in after a marriage break up meant she was being left too long. She had been in the home since she was a puppy and came in with her companion Bruno.

She spent over 14 months with us staying with Jane when we had our week away.

She found her perfect home with George and Josie after they lost their Staffy x

She sleeps on the bed and is spoiled rotten.


Patch needed a new home as his heart broken owners were losing their home in a months time.

We shared him on our website and he was found a home by a local RSPCA group.


Tiddles came in as she was fighting with the other dog she lived with, she looked far younger than her 9 years.

She had a very short stay with us, just 13 days before she was adopted by my friend Jackie and family.

They say it feels as if she has always been with them.


Lexie enjoying the sun

Lexie had originally been rescued from a home where she had been used for breeding and not walked, she was very overweight. Her new owners had a change of circumstances where she was being left too long.

She was adopted by a family who had recently lost a dog they had from us. She now lives happily with two other females.


Ozzy’s owner was working long hours and he could not give Ozzy the time he needed so he asked us to help.

He was adopted by Frederick who says he is the best dog he has ever had.

Ozzy is adored by all the families he meets on his  daily trips to the park.



Bruno was 10 when he came in after a marriage break up as he was being left too long. He spent 9 months in rescue taking part in our Senior Stafford walk with his companion Bella and raising lots of money for the rescue.

One man and his dog

Our friend Eric was very fond of him when he was with us and supported us on the Senior Stafford Walk.


He was adopted by a family who had been looking for a specific older dog to fit in with their lifestyle.

Bruno is adored in his new home and enjoyed a family holiday in Devon where he loved the sea.




Lexi was too strong for the older lady who took her in when a young family could no longer keep her.


She was soon snapped up by Jayne and her family who had recently lost their female Staffie at 15 years of age.



She is now a much loved member of the family.



Was being left too long in her home so found the perfect home with a couple who had lost their dog they had adopted from us 6 years previously.






Angel was our longest staying dog so far. Having been returned after 2 years in a home, she was with us for 4 and a half years before being adopted by a gentleman who had owned Staffords all his life and recently lost his last female.


It was the perfect home for Angel, now renamed Inuit because she is white and looks like a smiley polar bear!

2016 - Inuit Woodchurch

In fact she has two homes one in England and one in France, she now has a passport!


Skyla was signed over to a vets when her owner could no longer take care of her.

Skyla 2

She was with us for several months before being adopted by a family who had had several rescue dogs but had never had a SBT before.



They adore her and she sleeps on the daughter’s bed!


Jade was homed to an elderly gentleman after 2 and a half years with us but was returned after 18 months when the gentleman sadly died.


Several months later she was homed as an assistant dog to a girl with Autism.

Jade and Maria developed their relationship slowly as Maria rode at the riding school run by Alison and would walk Jade when she was there on a Saturday.


Now the whole family love Jade and wonder why it took them so long to adopt her.


Tara came to us from a home with lots of children. The youngest one was haranguing her and she desperately needed out.

Tara head

At first she was in kennels but she became increasingly unhappy eventually making her feelings clear by removing a whole panel from her kennel. She was with us for some time and despite having some separation issues we found her undemanding and she became a firm favourite, enjoying walks with Lexus.


Val fostered her for us during our annual week away, despite Tara supposedly not liking other female dogs, she settled well into Val’s pack. However, her dislike of children became more apparent and we questioned whether we could responsibly re-home her.

Eating apples in the garden.

Eating apples in the garden.

Val felt she could cope with keeping her safe around children and offered her a permanent home.


Tara now sleeps on the bed with the other dogs and accompanies Val to work. Recently she has been diagnosed with a heart condition but is responding to treatment.

Tara at work with Val today 12/9/13

Tara at work with Val today 12/9/13




What a wonderful success story.



With Colin & Sasha.

With Colin & Sasha.

Chilly was taken in by another rescue when she was a puppy with severe Demodex mange. Her mange was treated and she was homed but her owners had a change of circumstance and were no longer able to keep her.

This was Chilly as a puppy when she first came into rescue.

This was Chilly as a puppy when she first came into rescue.

She came to us in July.


Colin and Sandra fostered her for us while we were on holiday. They thought they were going to have to walk her separately  as they had an 8 year old Staffy, Sasha, and two Greyhounds. However by the end of the week Chilly had become part of the pack.

With the pack!

With the pack!

Colin claims it was nothing to do with him, Chilly chose them … whatever the answer, I have rarely seen such a happy dog.


Logan (Jesse)


Jesse was our little baby coming into rescue at just 3 weeks old.


He was always a healthy, strong lad with lots of energy. He was fostered with Kate for a while to help him socialize with other dogs. He made great friends with Kate’s dogs Lara and Moose.

With Lara.

With Lara.

We felt he would be happiest in a multi-dog household and Dia and her daughter Jess thought he would be the perfect addition to their pack with Millie and William.



Dia does lots of shows and Logan as he is now called is out most weeks winning rosettes along with Millie and William.




Peppa came back into rescue just after Easter 2013 when her owners had an unexpected change of circumstances and could no longer keep her.

With Barbara

With Barbara

She was a delight to have, a cuddle monster and did lots of ‘meet & greet,’ when she was with us, came on the May bank holiday walk and even had a go at agility.


She did not have to wait long before Barbara and George offered her a lovely home.

photo 1 (9)



boycie5 boycie3 boycie2 boycie1

Boycie found a lovely home with Christine and family in November 2012 They had never had Staffies before and now they are converts. He enjoys playing ball while Christine tends to her horse, taking no notice of the horse but he does try and play with the Shetland pony.

When he is not running around outside he is lying by the log burner. Christine tells us he is now part of the family and they could not imagine life without him.




Chance was a stray and his time in the pound kennels was almost up when we found a space to take him in. He was with us for 9 months before finding a home. When he did find a home though it was no ordinary home but a country estate. A rags to riches story.


chloe5 chloe4chloe3 chloe2chloe1

Chloe was 13 weeks old and tiny when we took her in, she urgently needed to come out of the home and she was terrified. We were told she was Staffie x Bulldog. She was also suffering from Demodex Mange which we treated with monthly applications of Promeris Duo. During her time with us she had two very successful foster homes, meeting lots of other dogs.

Helen, Mark and their daughters adopted her just after Christmas 2012 as a companion for their old dog Barney. They continued her treatment and she has grown into a sleek and beautiful young dog.


sapphire2 sapphire1 sapphire3 sapphire4 sapphire5

Saffy came to us when her owner who worked with horses, lost her job and also lost her accommodation. Saffy was already 6 and she stayed with us for two and a half years!

Eventually Adam and Jude saw her, they wanted to offer a home to a dog that had been in rescue for a long time. At last Saffy had a home of her own.

Peppa (Fleur)

Peppa(Fleur)4 Peppa(Fleur)3 Peppa(Fleur)2 Peppa(Fleur)1

Well I’ve got a new home and my new parents are really nice, they give me lots of cuddles. They have changed my name from fleur to peppa and I like it, sometimes I get called piglet, pepper pot, wiggles or cheeky monkey but I know it’s me!

It was a bit strange to start with because they live upstairs and I wasn’t really sure how they worked but I think I’ve mastered them now and I can charge up and down! We go to the park lots of times a day and it always smells great, there is so much to explore! We go to lots of different places for walkies too, I have even been allowed to go off my lead a few times which I love because I get to charge about like a loony! I’ve also been to the woods! Well that was just so exciting and I couldn’t believe how much fun, there was so much to sniff and I even chased a squirrel!

I was a little poorly a few weeks ago but I went to see the vet and now I’m all better, I heard that I’m going to be having an operation soon for neutering, I’m not really sure what that means but I’m sure it will involve me getting lots of love and attention.

I have found so many exciting things like my favourite purple tennis ball and my blue toy bone. But I think my favourite thing is when I get stag bars, I have so much fun running around showing it off to anyone who is here! And I play with my Kong when I am home alone, I get to listen to the radio too! The nice people who sent my harness also sent me some rawhides and I often try to hide them on the sofa but I always get caught! I have my very own blanket on the sofa and I just love to snuggle up into the cushions and have a snore!

I have made friends with all the neighbours and sometimes I go to visit them at their house, and I try to behave my best, but sometimes I just get too excited and I lick their sofas!

I am going to go to school at the end of January, I am going to see a lady who was on the tele on dog borstal (but I don’t think I’m that naughty that I need to go there!) I am going to have some classes because I don’t always do what I am told and also I don’t really feel that comfortable around other dogs, sometimes I get a bit scared and it makes me snappy, but I am lucky my parents understand it’s not because I’m a mean dog, so they are going to help me work on this.

I was very scared when the fireworks went off on new year’s eve, and I ran into the hall but I wasn’t scared for long because mum and dad came and sat in the hall with me and said it would be alright, I soon got over it when I saw the packet of choccie drops come out! Thank you Guildford and district Staffordshire bull terrier rescue for finding me a home where I am so loved and cared for!


syd2 syd1

The future looked bleak for Syd when his owners relationship ended. He had to spend his days in a kennel in the garden. How wonderful when John and Jackie Wilson, with 40 years experience of rescue Staffs, came along Now Syd has changed his kennel for a place on the bed!


bailey2 bailey3bailey1


riley2 riley1

Riley came in as a stray although his owner was known, he just couldn’t be bothered to pay the fine. When Sarah and family were looking for a dog after their old dog died, the main requirement was that it got on with their four year old son, Ethan. They chose Riley and now six months later they not only get on, they are inseparable!

There was a commotion in the garden and Ethan’s dad looked out of the window to see Ethan sitting on a chair playing his mouth organ and Riley sitting next to him singing along!


socks2 socks1

We took Socks in in July 07 pre website.

Jo took her as a foster. Socks had a number of issues including being able to jump a 10ft wall! and severe separation anxiety a bad combination! Jo did a wonderful job with Socks and also fell in love with her and so ended up keeping her.

The photo shows her kissing Jo’s daughter Lizzie.


bullseye3 bullseye2 bullseye1

Bully really loves his turkey, rice and fresh veg and is falling into the same routine as the other two dogs ie. get up, charge round the garden, eat breakfast and then pass out sleeping for a couple of hours. This morning he sat on the sofa with Hanni and me which was lovely.


dave1 dave2 dave3




dolly1 dolly2

Hi Alison We thought you would like to see some more pictures of Dolly. She is getting on really well and has fully recovered from her operation. She has made lots of friends in the village and we regularly walk her with other dogs. The children have been ill this week, so my friend with a labrador has been walking Dolly for me which has worked really well. She even had her first swim the other day in a stream nearby ….with a little encouragement from her labrador friend!

We have bought her a doggy frisbee which she loves. She has also decided that it is rather fun to pull up my plants in the garden – as you can imagine I am doing my best to discourage this new habit! She’s been a very good nurse to the children this week, snuggling next to them on the sofa when they have been feeling unwell. All in all, we thing she is lovely! Hope you like the photos and are well.

Nathalie, Emma and Luke



Batley is now in his new home. Enjoying life as if he had always been there.


tilly1 tilly4 tilly5

Hi Alison

I thought you may like these photographs of Tilly. Thank you so much for introducing Tilly to Carol and myself.

Vaughan Arnell


boris2 boris1

Hi Alison, Boris is doing really well and making fantastic progress. We have been able to walk him with our friends dogs. He is a real champ.

Tazzie (formerly Cleo)


Cleo/Tazzie (no matter what name, she’s so obedient) had a wonderful day, playing with her big brother Boris. They played so much they were too tired for a walk in the heat, so they chose the dog pool as you can see in the enclosed photo. She’s a wonderful little girl, no problems whatsoever. Thank you very much!
Best wishes,

Holly (formerly Dolly)

holly5 holly4 holly3 holly2 holly1

Many thanks for your help in letting us provide a home for Dolly.

It seems a long time ago that Steve quietly slipped away to deal with whatever was in his eye, leaving Dolly playing with our boys in the garden. Here we are almost three months later, trying to type an email, fighting for enough chair space with Dolly! She’s been so well behaved and we would like to thank Steve and Jo for the hard work they must have invested in her.

Dolly has become a big positive part of family life, dragging (barking!) us out for her walks or to play in the garden. Ive grown to appreciate our surroundings more where we walk her – and I’ve found a couple of nice pubs too! She is a joy to have around, always happy wagging her whippy tail and when I’m around, trying to be my shadow.

GDSBTR (Alison & Valerie) were fantastically patient with us and we’ve feel privileged to have Dolly rehomed with us.


elsa3 elsa2 elsa1

Hello Alison, I thought perhaps you would like to know how Elsa is getting on. The attached pics were taken some time ago and as you can see she has settled in well. She is quite puppyish which raises the question about her age!

She is turning out to be a very nice dog if rather exuberant at present. We are training her a bit, including house training, which she wasn’t!! Thank you for your assistance in all this. Best wishes Stephen & Sue Prince


Brodie4 Brodie3 Brodie2 Brodie1

We went to Garw Nant (our local forestry) on Thursday and Brodie had great fun playing snowballs with Jeff and was allowed off the lead as we were up there on our own. We still have not allowed her off the lead in the Country Park yet due to the abundance of male dogs and (not so careful owners) and her very interesting condition. as she is now entering her 2nd week she is becoming a bit of a tart at present. As long as it has a pulse and four legs he’s eligible!! (and I’m not so sure about needing four legs!!!!!).

I can’t believe that we have only had her a week we were talking yesterday and agreed that it seemed like more than that since we had arrived home with her. I have attached a couple of pictures we took while in Garw Nant but will take a better one for your “rehomed gallery”.

We had a lovely note from Alison this morning and I’m glad that we managed to brighten her day, if only briefly.

Speak to you soon

Jan & Jeff

P.S Don’t tell Jeff I enclosed the last pic!!!! can’t you just tell who’s dog she is?



At last – the promised e-mail about how Tara (aka Princess Tara Banana and Tinkles Toodlie)is getting on!

She had her last jab today and the vet says she is now the perfect weight. Two hours of walks a day works wonders! She now rushes to greet other dogs with loads of enthusiasm and no growling.Progress! But, she needs to learn some manners when the other dog has a stick or ball – she’s stolen so many right out of their mouths! Doesn’t go down well!

I let her off at the common now when I can get a clear view of everything around and she loves to jump through the heather but HATES, HATES puddles. She had a bit of a ruck with a Jack Russell that appeared out of nowhere this morning – she didn’t start it, but she was going to finish it!

She is just brilliant with the children and their friends and, as I told you last week, she loves to lay on our daughter’s bed until she falls asleep and then she comes back downstairs. It’s as if she’s guarding her. Lovely!

She is an absolute guts and has aleady eaten the contents of the bin. We lock it now! She’s not so licky now, but she still likes to nip noses. I also think she believes she is a lap dog – what a lump.

Anyway, we all love her – she is such a character and, having never had a staffie before, we are all converts. I have attached a photo for you, I hope you can open it. I’ll send you some more hard copies soon.

Take care.


Jacey (JC)

Jacey4 Jacey3 Jacey2 Jacey1

Hi Alison,

Some photos of JC in her favorite places curled up with my other Staffie Bryn, in his box or in front of the woodburner. The two of them are now great friends and it is as though she has always lived here. She isn’t impressed with all the mud and water on the forest but is becoming fitter and more agile by the day but I think she is looking forward to the spring when she won’t have to get her paws and tummy wet!!

Thanks for finding her for me she is a little star.

I wish you a happy and successful new year.

Regards Karen


hunny5 hunny4 hunny3 hunny2

Some photos of Hunny from Dave, Diane & the gang




Hello Alison,

Pixie is doing really well, made herself at home as staffs do. Bonded immediately with our daughter. Was a bit boisterous to begin with, but a couple of really long walks with some other dogs, soon calmed her down a bit.

She has learnt that if she ignores the ponies, they will ignore her and is now completely reliable around them. The chickens could take a bit longer though. Likes her comfort, Mum is having an on going discussion with her, the kids and Dad as to where she sleeps.

Best wishes

the Thurtle Family.


george1 george2 george3 george4 george5 george6


Rhea2 Rhea3

Dear Alison,

Here are the pictures of Rhea as promised. She is a fabulous dog and we are so pleased to have added her to our family. Her favourite things are food and her teddies, she also enjoys her play sessions with our other 2 staffords and plays beautifully with my brother’s alsatian who drags her round the garden by her back leg – Rhea gets her own back by following her round whilst chewing on her tail. Shel oves going away in the caravan, insisting on sleeping under the covers between my husband and I (this is after we’ve moved her 100 times and then given up!)

Thanks again Kerry, Simon And Rhys


Millie4 Millie3 Millie2 Millie1

Dear Alison and Family,

As Millie is fast approaching her 1st birthday and therefore the end of her puppy-dom (according to the Kennel Club!) we thought we would send you a few pictures and an update.

As you can see she is still fairly wee, although people who don’t see her everyday think she has grown. She has been in good health apart from one time when her ears flaired up, still not sure what casued itbut she’s ok now.

She has been on holiday 3 times, camping in a campervan (see pic) and also in a tent. We went to Wales and to the New Forest twice. She isvery good although insists on sleeping on your pillow (whilst Alfiegets the foot of the bed).

Alfie and her are getting on better all the time. He ignored her forthe first couple of months, moving away when she went near him, hestill looks more pleased to see the cat when he comes in than Millie but he is gradually accepting her presence. There are times when he tells her to go away as she is just so annoying!

The cat thankfully is no longer afraid of her and will happily swipe if she gets too close, it doesn’t stop her trying to chase him though.

Sadly we lost the guinea pig to the fox (we know it wasn’t Millie aswe were in Wales!) so that is one less thing for her to terrorise.

Overall Millie has settled in rather well (as you will see from the pics) she has made herself very much at home and tries to rule the roost and be centre of attention. She is still fiercely independent, it is not that she runs away, she will happily stay with you on a walkbut just refuses to come to you when you call her. We are working on it and hopefully she will get bored of running in the opposite direction when we call her.

She is a character alright, to be honest there are times when I have thought about bringing her back to you! But we know she will grow up eventually and stop stealing our shoes to chew in the garden.

We would like to take her and Alfie to France next summer so arehoping to sort out their passports although her chip could be a problem.



toby4 toby3 toby2 toby1

Dear Alison,

Please find attached some photos of Toby or as we officially call him ‘Prince Tobias of Barkham’. He had a great holiday with us, loved running along the beach & jumping in the waves. He is a great dog, loves our company & his bed where he sometimes takes himself off to if he wants some peace & quiet!

He is clever, quick to learn & great with the children. We hope to have many happy years with him.

Kind regards Dave, Diane & Girls


saffy2saffy3 saffy6 saffy7

Saffy (or affectionately Saffron, because under the originally strongblue, the sun has brought the Brindle out and she now has lovely reddybrown strands in her coat) has become a very much loved part of the family, and we don’t know now what life would be like without her. She still loves her affection, and walks have now thankfully (she didn’tlike to go far initially) become her favourite past-time (apart from meals of course)!

We hope that you can see by the pictures attached that Saffy is a very happy dog and has fitted into her new surroundings very well (when re-fitting the kitchen, we created a corner especially for her!). She is wonderfully cheeky and loves to nudge under our elbows for acuddle, and sneak under our bed when we’re not looking! She is a bit typically Staffy clumsy though, and did on one occasion manage to break her thumb dew claw – although apart from the a visit to the Vet, she loved the attention she received because of it!! All better now though, and looking forward to one of her nice long weekend walk…

Many thanks to all again for giving us such a wonderful friend…

Sally, Simon and Saffy.


lexi3 lexi2 lexi1lexi4


reuben4 reuben3 reuben2 reuben1

Harley Reuben Fox is in exceptionally fine fettle, all glossy and gleaming with health and vitality. I just can’t imagine life without him now as he ‘helps’ me in everything I do – cleaning the floors/making the fire, etc. Harley is always there sticking his nose in!

He’s a stickler for routine e.g I have to get up at 7.30am otherwise he mouse pounces all over me,eagerfor his morning wee, then rattles his dinner bowl in the kitchen demanding breakfast. He hates wet weather as much as I do but gets hyperactive if not able to burn off some of his immense energy on long walks, we go for miles on fine days and he’s in heaven chasing dozens of species of birds into the air – this appeals to his sense of humour. As for clever not just clever, intuitive e.g sometimes I pick up my handbag as I need to get something from it, he doesn’t move a muscle. But when I pick my handbag up because we’re going to town, he belts out of the door and sits by the car!

He really can’t go for very long without a cuddle, is incredibly affectionate and loving. Great friends with the cat now too, they curl up together on the sofa and groom each other. Very good with Charlie (grandson) you’d think Charlie’s toys would be a temptation to steal and to chew but he doesn’t touch them. If bits of toast/babies finger food drop on the floor Harley scoffs it but has never taken anything out of the babies’ hands.

All in all we’re perfect for each other and he seems blissfully happy and content.

Deb Fox


lilly4lilly3 lilly2 lilly1

Hi Alison

As promised an update on Lilly’s progress. Lilly is settling in well and gaining a little weight she is less nervous than when we took her home, she does not now follow us everywhere in the house she seems to understand we are not going to abandon her. She can now be left in the house on her own for an hour without fretting knowing we will return.

She likes her walks off lead over the Ranges and runs like the wind with the grandchildren on their bikes with her running after them. She likes all she meets and is good with other dogs thus far. We have booked her in for the booster jabs next Wednesday and to have her chipped. We will return your collar sometime dropping it in when we pass or pop it through the letter box if you are not in.

Attached are some photos we took today along the Basingstoke Canal. We will give a further update in a couple of weeks if you would like.

Rgds Jean & Des McGuinness











Lugy (Scratch)

lugy1 lugy3 lugy2

A few recent pictures of Lugy enjoying a ball in the garden – he absolutely loves rubber balls and gets through at least one a week – no point in tennis balls as they only last one trip to the park!

He had a fantastic time on the beach in Wales and we have found out he likes swimming in the sea, although not as much as a rubber ball chasing session. If we take him down to the beach early enough and the tide is out, we get the whole beach to play in and he can really stretch out.

Lugy is very affectionate and will try and climb into bed for a cuddle in the morning so acts better than an alarm clock in making me get up and take him out for a morning stroll along the canal paths. He is finally ignoring the ducks and realised that there are just too many to attempt to catch.

Although Lugy is a very quiet dog and rarely barks, he does sing to me in the car when we go out just before lunch. He has settled to our routines and nudges me in the leg when he believes it is time for the next walk or meal time. He is still a little insecure and will only go out if someone is with him, otherwise follows me around the house and “helps” me do the housework by checking the washing and sitting on it, or inspecting the carpet just where I need to hoover or standing between me and the kitchen counter when I prepare food – although that may be in the hope that the food might one day jump off the chopping board and into his mouth.

We are all very much in love with Lugy and he feels like he has been with us for years – let’s hope that becomes the case and we have a long happy time together.

Karen, John and Jade xx
Plus a big slobber from Lugy


elle3 elle2 elle1

Elle is being a good girl. She is funny and playful and enjoys her early morning (6am!) walks. She has met most of the family and they all love her as much as we do – when Elle meets new people and gets excited she does wee on the floor!

She really enjoys cuddles so we spend most of our time on the floor with her sat between one or other of our legs getting stroked.

It would appear that her and cats are not the best of friends and one or two have made a bid for freedom in front of her – which usually means that for a short time our walk happens a lot faster!!!!

She really is a lovely dog and seems to have really taken to us as we have to her. She seems to have settled in a definitely got her paws under the table.

Thank you for all her paperwork and thank you so much for your help in finding her, we are all a really happy family.

I will send some more pictures and keep you up to date with how we are doing – next step doggy training class!

Thanks again

Greg and Jennie




fawley1 fawley3 fawley2

After moving into my own house I was able to consider having a dog, something I have wanted for several years. I had been looking after friends dogs for many years, in particular, staffordshire bull terriers. I contacted Guildford and District after looking on their website.

I explained my circumstances, where I live, opposite a large wooded common, and that I wanted a dog that would be happy coming to work with. The staff were very helpful and after a home check I was introduced to Fawley.

Arrangements were made for me to visit Fawley at is home to reassure his owners at the time that he was going to a loving and caring home.

As with all adoptions it took a few weeks for Fawley to settle into his new home but he soon got into a routine. He has made good friends with a mates staff, Freddo, who he walks with several time a week, they even swim together if Freddo’s feeling brave.

All considered it has been a very successful adoption and my thanks go to Alison and all the volunteers at Guildford and District staff rescue for helping find the perfect dog for me.




Marney (Dash)

marney1 marney5 marney6 marney7 marney8 marney9 marney10

Well Marney has recovered from her spay & skin scrape – no Demodex detected. The vet said to keep her quiet for 7-10 days, well what a laugh that was! She was totally knocked out that evening and that night. She didnt know where she was and had a few accidents. We put her on our bed to sleep and she was good as gold. Next day she was back to usual and boinged everywhere no matter how hard we tried to keep her quiet.

She is getting more confident and settled every day. We have off the lead walks when we are out in the fields and have practised recall. Marney knows my pocket has treats in and she comes back when I call which is great as she has tons of energy to get rid of. We have accidents still but I am sure we will crack it eventually – Im sure you will be glad to know we no longer use those puppy pads, we just clean up accidents.

Marney had her first holiday with us last weekend – she stayed in a Yurt in Cornwall and LOVED it! She slept on the beds with her ‘pack’ and was free to run outside every day. She had chickens and a duck to run round and she visited the beach at Rock. I have hopefully attached some pics for you to see.

She no longer sleeps by the bed – she sleeps on it – with the cat on the pillow about a foot away. She still likes to chase the cats but I am sure this will stop – she just wants to play and they are very naughty as they tease her…..We start Puppy training classes tomorrow – I will update you as it goes along…

Kindest regards,



percy16 percy14 percy13 percy12 percy11 percy10 percy15

Hi everyone.

My name is ……… well everyone now calls me Percy as I have to keep my original name a secret. I’m quite an old chap and my back legs are a little stiff. If you ever meet me you will recognise me by my red coat, short stubby tail and deep bark.

Sometime in 2007 I found myself without a home. I’m not very good with dates as I can’t read a calendar but I remember that the days were short it was cold and there were lots of coloured lights on trees and in peoples homes. I’m not sure how I managed to lose my way home but eventually someone in a van came to collect me and take me to a place that I heard them call Treetops where there were lots of other dogs that all had rooms of their own. They gave me a room of my own, where I could stay, that wasn’t as comfortable as my old home but at least I had a warm shelter for the night, a regular meal and somewhere to stretch my legs. I waited here for some time for my mum and dad to come and collect me but they never came. I didn’t have one of those special medals on my collar or the special new thing that dogs get to tell people where they live so they weren’t able to find my old home. I became miserable and grumpy as my teeth and back legs hurt and I wasn’t getting as much attention as I would like. Eventually when the days became longer and the temperature had got warmer someone called Alison came to take me to her home. She explained that she would try and find me a new home and take the pain away from my teeth and legs. I arrived at her house to be welcomed by Dave and some younger people that must be her children. Alison also introduced me to some other dogs similar to me called Spryte, Khan and Lexus. She made me comfortable and gave me something special with my food to help my joints. She also took me to see a nice lady in a white coat who took some of my teeth away to stop the pain in my mouth.

After many days had passed, Alison explained that someone else called Valerie and Stuart would come to take me to a new place to stay. Alison explained that this was for a short holiday and that I would be looked after well but told me that I would be coming back to her after a few days so she could continue to find me a new home. Well, a few days turned into many days but I can’t complain because my new foster home was even more comfortable and had some more dogs similar to me who welcomed me into their pack. Their names are Daisy, Honey and Oscar. I was given a new bed and a new indoor kennel to sleep in while my foster parents were out at work.

I waited a patiently for very long time for a new forever home but nothing happened. I was secretly hoping that I would be able to stay at my new foster home forever. As the nights grew longer, the day came when my foster carers put up a tree indoors and covered it in red lights and shiny balls. I began to get a little worried that I might be let out again and lose my way home. Then one night, a man in a red suit with a red hood, black boots, black belt and shiny buttons belt appeared while everyone had gone to sleep. He whispered in my ear that my wish would be granted and that I would be allowed to stay forever. When everyone woke up in the morning my new mum and dad told me that I would be staying forever and I felt a warm glow inside.

So because I love my new mum and dad so much I try to be as good as I can. I even give them a nudge in the morning to wake them up and ask for a cuddle. They take me for lovely walks every day and I have heard them say that the distance is about 1 mile ….l whatever that is. I get to play ball from time to time and my back legs have improved because of the exercise. I know I am an old chap and I don’t know how long I will get to spend with my new family before I go to rainbow bridge but one thing is certain, these will be the best and happiest years of my life.

The pictures are of me in my new bed and enjoying the sun while surveying my new garden.

I would like to thank Alison, Dave, their family and dogs for helping me to find a new home.

Lots of licks



bailey_2 bailey_3


harry4harry3 harry2 harry1

Harry has finally settled down for a nap so have managed to get some piccies of him & Trix.

Day 2 has gone very well, they were both off the lead at the park and just spent the whole time running around playing – it was so fab to watch them both.

Towards the end of today Harry has settled down so much he is still wandering around a bit but has managed a bit of shut eye with Trix and has had a toy game …

I enclose some more piccies for you ….

Sam & Jim

Hi Alison & Co

Well its been nearly a week and Harry has settled in so much, Trix and Harry are inseperable again its like they have never been apart when they are not sleeping together they spend there time chasing round the house playing …. We have taken Harry to Southsea Beach where he had a paddle around , the woods at Queen Elizabeth Country Park where he just jumped and ran around , and also Southsea Common – he is loving all his walks and Trix likes it too having her mate along with her . We feel so blessed to have Harry & Trix back together – we love them both to pieces .

I enclose some more piccies for you

1st piccie – pooches on seafront 2nd piccie – Harry in front of the real fire 3rd Piccie – this is the pooches waiting for Jim to get home


Jim, Sam, Harry & Trixie












anna6 anna4 anna2 anna1


mojo6 mojo5 mojo4 mojo3 mojo2 mojo1


A few months ago, my wife and I contacted Guildford Staffords after reading the good success stories on the website. Our desire was for a young Staffy who needed to be rehomed. We were specifically after a Staffy as we had grown up on Jock of the Bushveld plus we are a very active couple participating in running, mountain biking and general outdoor activities and the rehomed Staffy would need to keep up!

After numerious phone calls with many many ‘first-time’ owner questions, Alison mentioned that she had a new Staffy on her list that was about to be dropped off. We decided to meet up and get introduced to the new Staffy called Mojo.

Mojo is a young intelligent Staffy bitch who is just over a year old. We decided to take her home the same day we met her. From that moment, our new ‘Pack’ has grown! We quickly realized that we knew very little about being a pack so a quick indulgence in ‘The Dog Whisperer’ DVDs established that we needed to define roles and follow some sound advice. A simple dog rule ‘The Dog Whisperer’ adheres to: exercise, discipline & affection – in that order!

With the rules established, Mojo very quickly settled into a routine… but that only lasted a few days before she was taken to the local dog training school for her first lesson. A few weeks later, she was bundled into our 1972 Land Rover for the London to Brighton Land Rover rally. This was a camping trip – her first, and my first with a dog. Usually the tent takes minutes to erect but with an excited Mojo, it seemed like hours!

One of our passions is running and mountain biking so I was very excited to read about the Cani-X running events. Our first event was a local event near Bracknell. We did a few km’s as a warm up and then it was time for the 5km race. The tension in the air was enough for Mojo to get pretty excited so the minute we started the race, she grabbed the lead and wanted to play tug-of-war! Did she not know that this was a race??? I had to stop a few times to reset the lead, and tempt her to take her tennis ball. She eventually took the ball and we started again only for her to drop the ball. By then at least three people had over taken us. We got to the halfway point when Mojo decided the excitement had made her thirsty so we stopped for drink at a puddle. After the water stop, we had about 2.5km left, and it was at that point that Mojo got her second wind. We absolutely flew over the last few Km’s, reeling in all the other runners that had overtaken us. At one point we had three massive puddles to run through – one was a foot deep which caught her off guard but she plowed through. As we came down the finish line she was still pulling me along! I was now the dog-tired one!! In summary, Mojo has been an excellent introduction into our ‘pack’. She has experienced many new things after moving out of London and has bonded well with Debbie and I.

I can highly recommend the service that Guildford Staffords provides.


Martin & Debbie Solms



Dave_And_Lexus Lexus_And_Khan lexus1 lexus2


tommy3tommy2 tommy1

Here are some photos of Tommy, whom we adopted 11 weeks ago. As you can see he’s settled in very well. It’s like he’s been with us for years. He loves to play with his toys and go on long walks. My three boys just love him to bits and he’s getting spoilt. Thank you Alison for letting us adopt tommy we can’t imagine life with out him.

Thanks again Paula, Mark and family


dolly_2 dolly_1

Hi Stuart,

Sorry about that, here’s the picture of Dolly again. These were taken a while ago; she’s filling out nicely and muscling up! We’ll send some more recent pictures later. Best wishes for the New Year!


Jo Rogers


roxy2 roxy1


daisy4daisy5 daisy7 daisy1

Hi Alison,

Here are some pics of Daisy. As you can see she has settled in really well. She sits next to me on her bed during the day while I work 😉 She’s been on long walks and is getting spoilt every day – will keep in touch.

Kind Regards

Michelle & Brian


harley7 harley8 harley6 harley9

This adoption lark is hard work! I have learnt so much, how to sit and wait, walk on the lead without pulling my owners at 50 miles an hour. I don’t beg for food anymore, I’m not shut in my cage all night and I have the run of the house when they are out. I get so much exercise, I can run across the fields for hours with my doggie friend summe. I have learnt to retrieve and it’s so much fun, I come home shattered and don’t have the energy to jump up at people any more! Caroline and Lee are looking after me well, I know Mum’s the boss, I hope you like my action shots.



kim4 kim3 kim2 kim1

Hi Alison,

As you can see, Kim is settling in well with us and now looks a picture of health, and whilst she is still a bit wild and unruly and would not score too well in an obedience competition, she is starting to learn, and is a pleasure to have around. She is the fourth staffie we have owned in 25 years, and we know we will have to be very patient and understanding given her traumatic history.

Once again, many thanks for finding Kim for us, we will let you know from time to time how she is progressing.

Mary & Peter


blaze6blaze5 blaze4blaze3 blaze2 blaze1

Its all still going well and his lordship is settling down very nicely. I can’t keep him out of the garden but Tara is happier now he has cut back on jumping on her head all the time. He has quickly clicked onto the morning walks and we all went running for the first time this morning. I am extending the time he can be off his lead (in the enclosed fields) as that initally made him really OTT but now it doesn’t seem to be such a big deal. The dogs come back and then head straight for bed again while I get ready for work! His appetite is coming back although he and Tara keep swapping bowls and the “smells” have diminished. He is behaving with the walker as well. I am crating him when I am out for now but have my fingers crossed that I will be able to stop doing that and leave them in separate rooms shortly.

He can’t get over horses yet (or cows) and keeps barking at them and most definitely has to stay on lead at all times around them as he is a little too brave and wants to investigate. He has had brief introductions to the yard as the first time we went up there was too just too much going on so we came back later when it wasn’t quite so busy.

I am sticking to making him sleep in his own bed and Tara has now taken to joining him in the night for a while (which is great!) although his bed is in my room. If they really cram themselves in they can just about get in it together! I will need to invest in a dog guard as Mr B has worked out that if he stands on the back of one side of the seats and keeps pushing, it will click and come down.

So I know we still have a way to go but he is proving to be great fun and Tara has scored a lot of brownie points for being extremely tolerant!

I thought you would like to see some pictures of Mr Blaze and how he is taking over! He is seriously obsessed with the garden but less appreciative of the rain. He goes out at top speed like a small child then back in again equally quickly. Tara seems resigned to him and when she has had enough “play” comes and hides behind me. He has been extremely well behaved all in all and Tara has been very tolerant. I took him to the vet on Saturday for his injections and he has to go back for follow up ones in 2 weeks. He was wormed as well and I asked about his tummy problems. He thought the food change would sort it out and told me to stay with it for another week. Thankfully as of yesterday morning he seems to be going back to normal. He was right on the edge weight wise but seems to be recovering a healthy appetite.

Many thanks



I have attached some more pictures of Blaze – I cant ever imagine not having him and he is such a great character. He has got bigger now as he is maturing and is quite muscular. Still cant take him out with my horse as Goose (my horse) is the one horse he detests completely but he does get to race around the back fields once Goose is safely tucked up in his box.

Both dogs are wearing an assortment of rugs now when out otherwise they start shivering and Blaze will start tugging to go home if its too chilly! He also has proved himself to be completely childproof when confronted with hysterical childen and has finally become a good pub dog too. He is terrific fun and has a great fan club now as well.

I have put Blazes dislike of Goose down to old fashioned jealousy as he doesn’t mind the other horses – its just Goose he goes ballistic at! however, he is every bit as entertaining and loving as I had hoped and always proves hugely popular with all he meets. He has never shown any sign of destructive behaviour when I am out either or left any messes for me (unlike her ladyship!). He isn’t that keen on walks first thing at the moment and as soon as turn for home I have a very enthusiastic staffie towing me but on the basis that is a very boring trundle in the dark I dont’ blame him – roll on the light mornings!. It makes the weekend hikes even more precious and I am forgiven when I get us lost. 🙂

Thank you again for Blaze and I look forward to the next newsletter.

Luci x

Jesse (Jazz)

Jesse4 Jesse3 Jesse2 Jesse1

Here are some notes about Jesse:

In the House: Exemplary behaviour. Immaculately clean. No barking. Non destructive. Very good with food – waits until told; food can be taken away; gentle with titbits. Very good at night. In morning waits in pen until called. Usually goes to bed early! Good at having feet wiped. Good with visitors – does not jump up. Vacuum cleaner – good. Settles down when left alone in the house (up to one hour – so far). Interested in animals on TV.

In the Car: Very good – sits/lies on back seat in harness. Does not bark or worry.

Outdoors: Getting better on lead but varies. Would be better if given opportunity to run and expend energy before training. Variable response meeting dogs – would not allow play off the lead with other dogs. Always on lookout for wildlife including birds and field mice, will lunge at some.

David and Pat Bennett


Trixie7 Trixie6 Trixie5 Trixie4 Trixie3 Trixie2 Trixie1

Hi Ali,

She has settled in so well, Trixie follows Susie all over the place and wherever Susie goes Trixie will follow, They regulary sleep together. Trixie is no longer crated as after a couple of weeks of being crated she started to get really distressed being in the crate so we tried her out of it and she is so happy, I leave the house about 9 and she goes over and sleeps with susie on the dog bed, Jim gets home at 12.30 sneaks a look thru the window and she is sunning herself in the sun! She is off her lead over the park aswell, we play ball with her 3 times a day and she loves it, she is great with other dogs and even with children, we slowly introduced her to the kids next door and she was great. She always comes back to us when we call, she has been well trained, credit to whoever trained her she is great.

We are so happy that Trixie has settled in so well, we now know her mannerisms and she makes us laugh so much as shes so mad, We call her Trix the Minx !!!!! We could never ever be without Trixie now she is now part of the family and we love her to bits.

I enclose some piccies for you, now I have ur email address I will keep you updated on her progress and send piccies.

Sam x

Max (Harley)

Max2 Max1

Here is an email from Lesley who recently rehomed Max:

Hi Ali,

We have re-named Harley – Max. He is doing really well. Went to sleep on the way home, think he was tired. He seems to like his new home and is settling in very quickly. So interested in everything.

He adores the garden, which he has free run to and from the house. So yesterday he was out in the sunshine playing with his toys and ball most of the day. He is learning to do his jobs in the garden and already is showing signs of asking to go out, which is brilliant. Has met the horses from a distance and seemed fine.

Took him for a walk with Lilly (mums staffie) today and he was a good boy. He has a lot to deal with as she has chickens,ducks,cat etc etc but he took it all in his stride. As I write he is laying, sound asleep on my office floor.

Couple of pictures for you. Thank you once again for letting Rob and I have him.

Wish you well,











Milly5 Milly4 Milly3 Milly2 Milly1

Here are some photographs of Milly, we had a family meeting and it was decided that Milly suited her personality better.

She seems to like the name very much. She fits into the family perfectly and we wouldn’t be without her.

Thank you

Louise and Kerry



Oscar (Taz)

oscar6oscar5oscar4oscar3 oscar2 oscar1

I arrived one day just before Christmas 2007 after a long journey to Alison and Dave’s door, who had agreed to kindly take me in. Little did I know what was in store for me. That evening along came my Mum and Dad with Daisy and Honey. I was introduced to Daisy and Honey and they accepted me into their clan. Forms were filled in and off we went to my new home.

I adapted well to having two females bossing me about when I got too much but we always end up snuggling up to one another on the sofa. I starred in a TV program called The Smoke House albeit for 30 seconds but I behaved myself and sat very nicely for the camera but the phone has not rung since!

I now have a new friend Percy who lives with us and I often sneak into his crate as it is more comfortable than mine so now there are four of us and mum and dad say there is no more room at the inn.

It’s been just over a year since that day and I have grown into a beautiful well behave boy, most of the time, full of character and an ambassador to the breed ( I heard a man tell my Mum the other day). I proudly walk alongside Daisy, Honey and Percy although I still try to get in front as I am so excited to go and play ball and meet our doggie friends. I have learnt to sit, lie down and stay then I run as fast as I can to get the ball keeping my mum and dad on their toes.

Thank you Alison and Dave for caring enough to give your love, time and effort into finding staffies like me a second chance for a forever home.


monty_3 monty_2 monty1

“Meet Monty – the brightest button in the tray. If there was a dog’s Mensa he’d be president. He quickly worked out how best to get biscuit bits out of the treat ball (roll it downstairs); after a very brief anti-cat period now encourages the cat to sleep with him (Mmmm so warm at night), loves looking out of the car window so that motorists wave and flash their lights and quickly became the star of obedience training class.

Has remained in beautiful condition in which Guildford rescue handed him to me, Monty (aka Buddy) is my fourth, and youngest rescue.

WARNING Anyone thinking of homing a pup SHOULD remember – they need LOTS of exercise – rain, hail, sleet TWO HOURS EVERY MORNING AND EVERY AFTERNOON is appreciated. So sometimes, an older dog is best!” (I’ve written it this way in an attempt to get people to realise what’s involved).

Best wishes



My beautiful picture

Alfie (Hooch)

My beautiful picture




raider4raider3 raider2 raider1

Hey Alison,

I love the picture on the website of both Tiggy and Raid, I hope that Tiggy is settled in her new home we miss her so much 🙁 I have lots of pictures of her tho which is good 😀 here are some pictures of raid tho that we got done for him for his 4th birthday, and he looks oh so handsome in them 😀

Gloria and Gary


Molly2 Molly3 Molly4 Molly1 Molly5

Molly soon settled in with her family, as you’ll see from some of the photographs here. She was successfully given a new lease of life and a new home in December 2006, so a year on here is an update on her progress from Emma, Mark and the family:

“Hi Alison,

Photos attached of Molly whom we adopted in December last year (2006). She is a real character, very much loved and very much a part of the family.

As you can see from the neck photo in March (below), it did take a long time for her to look normal again, but she now has fur on her neck & chest and it’s hard to remember what she looked like before.

Her favourite activities are chasing squirrels, chewing through leads and bed hopping. She enjoys balls & play fighting with the children and lying in the sun.

In February when she was spayed the surgery rang and asked us to remove her early as she was making so much noise!”












Poppy8Poppy7 Poppy3Poppy6 Poppy4 Poppy2

When we first met Poppy we were greeted by an energetic, lolling tongued chaotic bundle of energy, quite different from the dog who graces the banner on this website! Initially we were worried that she was more than we could handle, but we both felt that there was something special about her. When we got her home she settled down quite quickly and was extremely well behaved in the house. She already knew a few basic commands but pulled like a husky whenever we took her for walks! She was great around people but nervous and aggressive towards other dogs. Because of this we enrolled at a local dog training class.

Since then, Poppy has come along tremendously. She is calmer and much more relaxed around other dogs but has lost none of her spark, character and charm. We take her to obedience classes every week (a huge thank you to Marina and Chris at K9 Matters dog training) and she is now good enough to attend “working trials” where she is learning to track and negotiate the assault course (which she adores!) Last month she achieved the Kennel Club’s “Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver Award” (picture above)!.

She has made a great addition to our family – thank you Alison for helping us find her.

Mark & Cat

P.S. Who say’s that Staffies can’t do agility…?


trina4trina2 trina1 trina3

It’s hard to believe Trina’s been with us for nearly 8 months – she is so much a part of the family and settled quite quickly into our home routine. She likes to have her meals and go to bed at the same time each day and lets us know if we are running late. We have had 2 lovely holidays with her, one to the seaside and one to the country and discovered she adores the sea but doesn’t like cows. She loves her walks, enjoys riding in the car and thinks she has to be involved with everything thats going on.

Unfortunately she has had a problem with her front leg. She started limping on it and after several visits to the vets, X-rays, tablets, ect. went to see an Orthopaedic specialist who operated and found an infection. She is now on 4 legs again but will always have a limp and stiffness. It doesn’t seem to stop her enjoying life to the full.

Here are some pictures.

From Shirley, Martin, Ashleigh and Alex


My beautiful picture



After losing his first Staffie, the gap left behind was a hard one to fill for Stuart. GDSBTR gave a friend for life to Simon and his family, and at the same time Athena found a new loving home.

Here is an email we received recently from them.

Hi Alison,

Good to see the web site, hope all is well.

Just to let you know Athena is doing well and enjoying coming to work with me during the day. I have attached a recent photo of her for you.

After my first Staffie had died in March (Saffi, who came from Bellmead in 1997) it was a hard gap to replace. Athena was the fifth Staffie I had been offered in a very short time as we were going to wait until after our holiday in August. But after meeting Athena for the first time at Tree tops it was an easy choice to be made, and some 7 months later she has well and truly become a member of the family, with the boys absolutely loving her.

Kind Regards

Simon and Helen

2 thoughts on “Successes

  1. We rehoused Diesel 🙂 we renamed him Ron which suits him so much better. He is a loving, loyal, part of our family. He loves to go on walks in the woods and sunbathes given half the chance. He is wonderful with our grandchildren when they visit and enjoys it when his friend Poppy a springer cross collie comes to stay. We’d be lost without him x


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